3 good reasons to check out The Dark Pictures’ new horror game


The final chapter of The Dark Pictures is another great foray into the horror genre for Bandai Namco.

With its short formats and ultra-effective narration, the series The dark images brings a touch of modernity to the horror genre. After Man of Medan released in 2019, A little hope released in 2020 and House of Ash in 2021, the Bandai Namco license will conclude the first season with a final episode where the very first serial killer.

When a film crew with a passion for news stories is invited to stay in a replica of the famous film HH Holmes Serial Killer Murder Castle, the opportunity seems too good to be true. Put under scrutiny by a mysterious host, the characters soon realize they are not immune to a new drama. With a captivating scenario and mechanics that are still as effective, The devil in me is a nugget to put under the tree this year. Here are three reasons to crack without delay.


Terrifying true story

From the introduction, the story of The devil in me takes on a special flavor compared to the previous chapters narrated by the curator. The tragedy surrounding the famous castle of the HH Holmes murders does not go unscathed and for good reason. In addition to giving a particularly difficult scene, The dark images immerses us too the horror of a real news report. Inspired by the very first serial killer in the United States (to him we owe the word serial killer), the historical dimension of the game brings with it a strange sense of unease. The narration may be fictionalized, it rests on sordid foundations that we’d rather not have dug up.

horror for everyone

The creators ofUntil sunrise no longer have much to prove in terms of horror stories. Developed by Supermassive Games, the game perfectly masters the art of suspense and storytelling. The horror is everywhere and the screenplay is superbly orchestrated. We expected no less from the studio, but it is clear that the recipe works wonderfully. Without being really bloody or untenable, The devil in me skilfully flirts with the codes of the genre. Between jumpscares, latent malaise and an eerie atmosphere, horror fans should not miss out. For others, the title is a perfect starting point to discover the genre.

Freer gameplay

Despite the not always perfect animation during the game phases (unlike the movies that shine with their realism), The devil in me Enjoy improved gameplay, with more room for exploration and puzzles. Without being frankly complicated, the latter largely contribute the gloomy and oppressive atmosphere. The narrative gameplay combines QTE and multiple choices while allowing for local multiplayer (via the TV night option) or network.

You would have understood The devil in me forms a brilliant conclusion to the first season of The dark images. Pending the release of the next alien-centric installment, the game is available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, and playable across multiple platforms for multiplayer.

To discover The Dark Pictures: The devil in me

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