3 novelties that will arrive on Google Messages to modernize the dynamics of the app


Google Messages continues to receive updates aimed at improving its dynamics.

Now the app is preparing to receive three new features that will give users more options when interacting with their contacts. At the moment they are in beta version, but it already lets us see what these news are about.

More emojis for reactions, new viewer and transcripts for messages

One of the novelties that will appear in the Messages app has to do with reactions. Although the Google app has long given users the ability to react to messages, it is now adopting a style similar to what we find in popular apps like WhatsApp.

Yes, the ability to react with any emoji you want, without being limited to the six that the app suggests. The remaining dynamics of the reactions are not changed. And of course, the reactions are only available for the chats and don’t apply to the rest of the messages we receive in the app.

Other features on the way include voicemail transcriptions. A tool that helps when the voice notes we receive are not clear or when it is not possible to reproduce the sound in the current environment.

In this case, we can ask the app to transcribe the audio to read it without having to play the note. And finally, Google Messages will have a new gallery view design.

Thanks to this design it will be possible to browse the images in the mobile gallery to select the content we want without having to complicate us too much. In other words, we get a bunch of new features that modernize the dynamics of the app, so its dynamics don’t differ too much from popular applications.

All of these features are currently in beta. So look forward to seeing them on Google Messages.

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