After two years of COVID chaos, Perth Heat’s Tim Kennelly appreciating the return of baseball more than ever


Perth Heat captain and stalwart Tim Kennelly loves what his club is doing as the Australian Baseball League gets back into the groove after a two-year horror and is excited about the potential both on and off the diamond.

The ABL has been one of the hardest hit national sports across the country for the past two years thanks to COVID, but the 2022-23 season is now back on.

The Heat were impressive in winning their homecoming series to open the season against the Adelaide Giants at Empire Ballpark before a tough loss to the Melbourne Aces last weekend during a four-day rainy .

They are now back in Victoria to take on Geelong-Korea in a four-game series which begins on Thursday. Kennelly is just happy to be back in the game after being retired from the game for two years.

“It’s great to be back playing. It’s been a long 24 months, especially for the guys in Perth who haven’t been able to play highly competitive baseball,” Kennelly said.

“It’s just exciting to get back on the field and play in front of crowds at Baseball Park, and to go out there and compete again, and try to win the championship that we haven’t won in a while. It’s an exciting time for us and for the fans, and we’re just happy to be there to play.

Not only is Kennelly happy to be back playing, he’s excited about the prospects of what the Heat can accomplish this season.

“You have guys who have played for the Perth Heat for a long time and kind of paved the way for other guys to join the team,” he said.

Tim Kennelly is preparing for his 12th ABL season with the Perth Heat.  The star hitter has been a legend for the club and after spending time in Europe and the United States playing baseball he is proud to return to Perth.
Camera iconTim Kennelly loves what his club is doing as the ABL get back into the groove after a two-year horror, with him excited by the potential both on and off the diamond. Credit: Andrew Ritchie/Perth Now

“We have young talent from Perth who are starting to help the team win and not just make up numbers. We have a few big league guys bringing that experience and no moment is too big for them.

“You bring exciting arms and the prospects for the Rays who add a bit of excitement to the team and flair, which is great. With the depth in our team, I think we’re going to be pretty bold and consistent.

Now that the Heat have completed their first two series of the season, Kennelly feels they have a good idea of ​​what will be possible with this group as they hit the road again this week.

“Obviously we’re a few weeks away now, so we can start to assess a bit where we are as a team,” Kennelly said.

“It was a little disappointing on the weekend to drop the series that we probably should have split, or even given ourselves a chance to win the series, but that’s baseball.

Geelong-Korea joined the ABL this season with their team based in Geelong but with Korean players.

They opened the season with a 3-4 record through the first two weekends with the Heat just ahead 4-4.

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