AirPods Pro at an always MAGIC price for Black Friday (h-2)


Neither one nor two, Cdiscount explodes the price of Apple’s AirPods Pro, which fall to their lowest levels during this 2022 edition of Black Friday. Limited stock, first come, first served.

It’s been a while since we saw any action on the first Apple AiPods Pro. For Black Friday, Cdiscount displays a shock offer that allows you to get them under 180 euros. Initially available for 279 euros, so 100 euros discount, bringing the price of the AirPods Pro down to just 179 euros today. An unprecedented price never seen before.

So this Black Friday offer comes at the right time if you were waiting for Apple’s headphones to drop below 200 euros. We remember that they were offered at launch for 270 euros. To date, the AirPods Pro are considered by many users to be the best wireless noise canceling headphones on the market. No wonder we often see them sold out at many merchants, even when they are not on sale.

To access the flash sale on the AirPods Pro it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer

Displayed at such an interesting price point, there’s no doubt many people will try to leave with a copy before stocks run out. If you also want to take advantage of it, don’t wait too long at the risk of missing out. In addition to free shipping, Cdiscount has extended the returns period to January 8, 2023. This means that if you don’t like the AiPods Pro, you have almost two months to return them and receive a full refund.

A big advantage that allows you to take action now if you want to offer these AirPods Pro for Christmas (or treat yourself). This way you benefit from the best price of the moment, and if the recipient does not like it, it is possible to return them. So you don’t take any risk and can now secure this deal.

AirPods Pro: Apple’s best wireless headphones

In terms of their technical characteristics, the Apple AirPods Pro have speakers paired with a wide dynamic range amplifier. They contain the H1 chip and work together to bring you superior sound quality, unmatched to this day. Very ergonomic, their design allows to adapt to all types of morphologies.

In the box you will find three sizes of silicone tips to allow everyone to enjoy optimal comfort. Also included is an air intake and exhaust system that balances pressure on both sides of the headphones. A long press on the pressure sensor is enough to switch from Active Noise Canceling mode to Transparency mode. You always have to rely on the Lightning to charge the charging box.

I take advantage of the offer

Apple AirPods Pro are also compatible with devices running Android. To do this, you must install an application from your smartphone. Many tutorials on the internet explain this process in detail. That said, it’s with the iPhone that these headphones prove to be a perfect match. Just take them out of their charging box and you’re done. Within seconds they are recognized by the phone and are immediately ready for use.

Active noise canceling technology, very good 24 hours battery life, Magsafe compatible wireless charging box, the AirPods Pro have all the ingredients to give you the best audio experience in your daily life.

Shown for the unbeatable price of 179 euros during Black Friday instead of 279 euros at launch, they represent a much more affordable alternative to the 2nd generation AirPods Pro released this year. The price difference between the model currently on sale is not justified, so the differences between the two generations are minimal.

Essential Apple on Black Friday

If there’s one event a year where it’s possible to equip yourself with an Apple device for a lower price, it’s Black Friday. During this period, Cdiscount does not hesitate to shrink the prices of many references, even the most recent ones. For this 2022 edition, we have already been entitled to very nice discounts, especially on the iPhone 13 or the MacBook Air M1.

The only thing missing was the AirPods Pro from the cyber seller’s list. With such a discount, Cdiscount now offers the best offer on the market. Amazon is out of the game because it has no stock of these AirPods Pro. With such an aggressive price tag, chances are these AirPods Pro will be snapped up. Stock shouldn’t last very long.

To take advantage of this, you must arrive first. We remind you that the stock of spare parts is not unlimited and that the supply can therefore disappear at any time. This Cdiscount flash sale is a unique opportunity to get the AirPods Pro for less than 200 euros.

To access the flash sale on els AirPods Pro it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer

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