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Today is officially Black Friday. Amazon this morning revealed to us a festival of new offers. Fnac and Cdiscount cannot be outdone and surprise us with nuggets in tech. We give you the point.

It’s D-Day before Black Friday. Amazon and its counterparts have released all their offers to help the French save money. Since this Friday morning, stockouts are everywhere: Surface Pro, Garmin, Meta Quest 2 or Bose, the products can’t resist the popularity of the operation.

The discounts are so generous that the French seize every opportunity. We update the list below in real time to make your search easier. This Friday lasts 24 hours, 24 hours in which the offers are crazy.

This Black Friday on Amazon, Cdiscount or AliExpress started a little early this year. In recent editions, everyone has brought forward the official launch date of the operation. Nevertheless, sellers save their best flash offers for this “black” Friday, which is today. This is the only day of the year when the prices of the relevant references will be this low.

Black Friday, the most premium operation

Black Friday on Amazon is the biggest special operation of the year in France. The trader is so deeply involved in the event that some still believe he is behind the creation of the latter. If we cannot attribute this idea to him, we must admit that it was he who imported this concept directly from the United States. From now on, various elements explain why this period unleashes more and more passions.

First, Amazon and other Black Friday deals are open to everyone. Whether with merchants or with direct brands, everyone can access these special offers. There is no mention of a loyalty program, private sale or other terms of the same style. This has obviously contributed to the fact that the event has gained notoriety in recent years.

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The other strong point of Black Friday is the quality of the offers. Amazon, Cdiscount, AliExpress and other sellers are still waiting for this time of year to announce their best prices. In addition, the discounts are aimed at very popular but also recent references during this event. Even devices less than six months old can qualify for savage discounts.

Black Friday on Amazon and others are many offers with great potential. Unprecedented and premium, the discounts offered for this make the winter sales ridiculous. For this event, cyber-merchants and brands are not required to sell unsold inventory, so everyone is letting loose with discounts that are second to none.

On the other hand, Black Friday is an operation where you have to be on the lookout for discounts. There have been a lot of stockouts on Amazon and elsewhere since the start of this issue and it’s going to get monstrous as the day goes on. The best deals don’t stay on Friday for more than a few hours, we can check that with the traders since this Friday morning.

Who is the best Black Friday e-seller?

Every year Amazon, Cdiscount and the others compete for Black Friday with flash discounts to find out who is the best. This year the price list is very difficult to hand out because all traders are involved in this edition. The thing to remember is that you can do crazy business during this day, with the only proviso that you get there quickly before supplies run out.

So who deserves the Black Friday palm? Amazon is a must in the operation and further confirms its leading position in France with large-caliber discounts. Among the most beautiful nuggets, there are several Bose references, including the Solo 5 soundbar but above all the headphones. Whether it’s the QC45 or its much cheaper counterpart, the QC SE, the range sees its price collapse with discounts in excess of -30% depending on the model.

Before Black Friday, we expected Cdiscount to be monstrous today and it is. For its part, it stands out with crazy offers on Apple credentials. At the time of writing these lines, you can still find the AirPods Pro or the iPhone 13 (and even the 14) at rock bottom prices. Again, don’t wait a second longer if one of these references tempts you, be warned.

Don’t forget AliExpress. Black Friday is also happening at the e-commerce heavyweight this year. He officially joined yesterday and reserves his best deals for next Friday. Its importance lies in the fact that it lowers the prices of major brand references from Asia. In the lot, therefore, we find the Redmi Note 11 and 11 Pro at exclusive prices, while the bestsellers do not need the slightest discount to sell.

Benefits that are flexible

For Black Friday, Amazon and other sellers still offer the same benefits, but some do it better. First, they include free delivery with their catalog of offers, you can rest assured of that. Likewise, each of them has a return period of 14 working days. This allows you to return a product for free during this period and be refunded at the latest.

This is where all the subtlety lies, as some sellers have decided to move on for Black Friday. Amazon leads the way, with a return period that runs until January 31, 2023. Closely followed by Cdiscount, which allows you to return an order until January 8, 2023. If the two traders act this way, ct is so that the public has the opportunity to prepare for the end of year celebrations.

With the possibility to return an item during Black Friday until January, Amazon and Cdiscount save you the classic stress of the holidays, and especially gifts chosen on the Internet. This way you can place an order with the best prices of the year, offer all the items you have already ordered during the Christmas season and act in January with a possible return. The conditions have been met for this edition to be excellent.

Black Friday on Amazon, it’s here:

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