At this icy price, the Apple Watch Series 7 rips off like hot cakes ⚡


The price of the Apple Watch Series 7 plummets for Black Friday. It is on the side of the Cdiscount online board that you must go to take advantage of this exceptional offer that allows you to get it at the lowest price of the year.

Don’t waste another minute to take advantage of this good plan that allows you, as part of the Black Friday promotions, to equip yourself with the coolest and best-selling connected watch in the world at a lower cost. For an indefinite period of time, the Apple Watch Series 7 has the unbeatable price of 384.99 euros with the code 15DES249. As the name suggests, the latter therefore entitles you to an immediate discount of 15 euros from 249 euros of purchase.

To discover the flash sale on this Apple Watch Series 7, here it is:

I take advantage of the offer

To take advantage of it, you just have to apply it to the shopping cart after adding the Apple Watch to it. With such a deal, Cdiscount strikes hard for this Black Friday day. This GPS model with aluminum case, 45 mm, sport band is usually offered for 459 euros. It’s also at this price that Amazon showed it when it was in stock. The French e-tailer is therefore doing much better than its American competitor, because in the end it offers the connected watch much cheaper (-75 €).

Thanks to its high performance, its excellent autonomy and its new features that make it an ultra premium device, the Apple Watch is a jewel of technology that everyone picks up. With the current promotion, one thing is certain, the stock will not last long. It is therefore better to act quickly to hope to get your hands on it. Three colors are available, white, red and green.

In addition, by taking advantage of this Black Friday offer, you will enjoy the same benefits as if you bought it from Apple. The only difference is that on the e-tailer’s platform, the price is much more attractive. In short, you have the same one-year manufacturer’s warranty that protects you against manufacturing defects. You can also go to a store if you have any questions about using it or if you encounter a problem with the connected watch.

Apple Watch Series 7 the best connected watch on the market

There’s no doubt about it, the Apple Watch remains the best-selling connected watch in the world. The latter is just over a year old but has lost none of its qualities. The latter includes a whole range of functions that allow you to obtain detailed monitoring of your state of health, your physical activity and well-being. The Apple Watch Series 7 is ultra-versatile and offers its users a multitude of possibilities.

In concrete terms, the Apple Watch Series 7 benefits from all the features that can be found on a connected watch. This allows you to, for example, request your heart rate, track the number of steps or know how many calories you have burned during the day. Very practical, it also includes a tool that accurately tracks your sleep.

The Apple Watch Series 7 also offers tracking for a whole range of sports activities. It is possible to use it for running, swimming or even basketball. The Apple Watch Series 7 is focused on the health of its users. In concrete terms, the connected watch is equipped with an ECG function that makes it possible to make an electrocardiogram in a few seconds. It is very useful especially for detecting heart disease.

Apple goes even further by integrating a blood oxygen level sensor. The effectiveness of these tools has already been proven to such an extent that the Apple Watch has even made it possible to save lives in certain situations, particularly by enabling effective and prompt medical care following some of these analyses. .

As you have understood, the Apple Watch is the best connected watch from the Apple company. With Black Friday discounts, stock doesn’t last long. So it is better to act quickly if you want to take advantage of it in time. As a reminder, the Apple Watch Series 7 costs 384 euros instead of 459 euros with the code 25DES249 at Cdiscount.

To access this flash sale on the Apple Watch Series 7 connected watch, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer

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