Avatar 2 has no room for error and should be a blockbuster


James Cameron isn’t sure he can finish his story. The Way of the Water will have to deliver a lot to get its sequel.

James Cameron makes his big comeback to Pandora. 13 years after the first episode, the Avatar saga finally decides to give us a sequel to the adventures of Sully and Ney’tiri. Scheduled for next December 14, The way of the water is a colossal project that will define the year of cinema. While the dark rooms find colors, the new images should reach heights. It must be said that the first name is still the greatest success in the history of the 7th art.

La Voie de L’Eau should attract a large crowd at the end of the year. Frankly, it’s even crucial to the future of the saga. While Disney plans to develop three more feature films, all are subject to success for this second installment. If the place of success of the year is almost assured for Cameron, he will not be able to be satisfied with it “good” Results. According to James Cameron, The way of the water will have to establish itself as the third or fourth biggest success in the history of cinema.

Better than Star Wars

Specifically, he must be dethroned in any case Star Wars: The Force Awakens hope to become profitable. It must be said that Mickey put marbles in it. The budget is colossal, Disney didn’t hesitate to line up the zeros for this highly anticipated sequel. In the director’s own words, Avatar 2 “is f***** expensive. This is the worst payback in cinema history.” If he does not specify the exact amount of this investment, he indicates that the receipts will have to be at least gigantic.

As a reminder, Avatar originally cost the name $237 million. The amount was nevertheless quickly written off, as it had grossed $2.9 billion worldwide. The way of the water will have to replicate this feat. Otherwise, the third film will be the last. This part, already shot, should continue the adventures of Jake Sully and his little family. In the case that The way of the water would not have the expected success, Cameron will have to wrap things up quickly.

“The market could tell us we’re done in three months, or we’re half done, which means we have to wrap up the story with the third movie. We are in a different world than the one I wrote this in. There was the pandemic and streaming. However, it can remind people what it’s like to go to the movies. This movie certainly does. The question is how many people care now? “

A marvel of technology

If James Cameron insists on the theatrical experience, it’s because his film is designed to amaze spectators in the darkness of a movie theater. If the first had already made history, this second movie promises to mark another turning point for the industry. For the occasion, he created a new camera system that can fully model the actors’ performance in 3D. Specifically, Cameron captures camera movement, performance, and lighting before adding layers of animation.

He uses artificial intelligence to then create his universe. The shared images are especially impressive. A new trailer has just been unveiled, and it puts the spotlight on the maritime decorations. Light and textures, Avatar: The Waterway will undoubtedly be a visual blow. There are only a few days left before we find out.

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