Beware of this credit card scam that can ruin Christmas


Like the Grinch as the holidays approach, this new scam just might ruin Christmas.

After the CPF scam, Christmas shopping is not immune to its part in the scam. Last Saturday, police headquarters warned internet users on Twitter about a new year-end gift scam. Indeed, several victims report having been victims of the same modus operandi, the time of a well-thought-out operation.

Fake sellers, real scam

To carry out their scam, the crooks usually pretend department store employees. Once your Christmas purchases are made and paid for, they catch up with you and claim a cash register error in your favor. TPE in hand, they offer you a refund directly to your credit card. Once your card is entered and your code entered, the scammer pretends there’s a problem with the terminal, only to return to the store… and finally disappears with your card.

Of course, in this situation you need to be careful. When in doubt, ask to speak to a manager and request that these types of actions be performed in the store. If your credit card is stolen, object immediately and inform your bank, to be able to dispute any fraudulent transaction as quickly as possible. Then go to a police station to have your bank card stolen and file a complaint. Indeed, this is the only way to legally defend yourself and claim damages if the crooks manage to drain your account.

Note that if the phenomenon is talked about again this week, it is not new. Last October, a couple was arrested after a series of thefts in several cities on the Côte d’Azur. In a period of austerity where Christmas spending weighs more and more on taxpayers’ budgets, it’s easier for scammers to play the nerve to achieve their goal.

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