Black Friday won’t be enough to lift traders out of the gloom


Black Friday won't be enough to lift traders out of the gloom

With Black Week off to a good start, Black Friday is a positive note for sellers. But the commercial event should not make it possible to increase the annual results of e-merchants.

Black Friday, which takes place on November 25, promises to be a good vintage for French merchants. 70% of French people want to participate in Black Friday according to a study by PwC Opinium Research conducted on a sample of 2,041 people between October 26 and November 1, 2022, one point less than last year. The average budget increases by 8% in a year to 256 euros.

On the Cdiscount side, the teams say they are pleased with the first results since Friday, November 18 and the launch of Black Week that precedes Black Friday on Friday, November 25, 2022. “In a month of November that is very lively, we saw a first wave last Friday and the first elements noted are satisfactory, testifies Hugo Larricq, commercial director of Cdiscount. Black Friday looks positive, we have worked even more upstream than usual to secure volumes at the best price”. According to him, “customer interest is the same as last year according to what we see on Google and through our search engine. This reassures us, we will reach the same levels as in 2021 and that will be explained by an unfavorable context for purchases.” power. Customers are waiting for this moment to treat themselves.”

Will this be enough to relieve the French merchants? As services and tourism have recovered and support e-commerce growth in general, product sales are at halfway. After a 15% drop in the first half of 2022, they are set to stabilize at 2021 levels, a 2% drop, according to Fevad.

No deferral of sale

The online champagne sales platform Plus de Bulles already held Cyber ​​Monday on November 7, 2022 and recorded a 33% increase in sales compared to 2021 of 33% and an increase of 45% in the number of orders. “It’s a great one-day success with aggressive promotions that make consumers who are looking for bargains respond,” confirms Michel de Guilhermier, an entrepreneur who is also president of Day One, a start-up accelerator. “If Black Friday is up to the Cyber ​​Monday operation we did on Plus de Bulles, it should be a hit. But we are not optimistic for Christmas, the end of the year will be less good, it won’t be.” postponement of consumption”. After that, the sales of the following days suffered from this good result.

Michel de Guillermier is also a stakeholder in Alice’s Garden, a home improvement product platform. Again, promotions should be important. “The entire profession has a lot of stocks and we expect major campaigns. Companies will have to reduce their stocks,” continues the entrepreneur. For him, “the actions will squeeze the numbers and pull prices down.” The Plus de Bulles champagne platform expects a drop in turnover of 2 to 6% compared to 2021 and 10% in volume.

electronics in need

If product sales stagnated at -2% for a year in the third quarter of 2022, according to figures from Fevad, sales of electronic products fell by 15% and approached 2019 levels (+3%). For Marc Lolivier, general manager of Fevad, the sector is suffering for two reasons: “Consumers were already rested at the start of the Covid pandemic and the category is suffering from consumer arbitrage”.

At Cdiscount, Hugo Larricq also notes a take-up of 15% on technical goods. “It’s a tough market for which the end of the year is a pivotal moment,” he added. On the other hand, Cdiscount sees a revival in image and sound compared to technical goods. “It is complicated to determine whether there is a World Cup effect or not,” warns the commercial director of the French marketplace. And Black Friday is unlikely to succeed in increasing sales in the electronics category.

The importance of responsible purchasing

Especially since refurbished goods are taking up more and more space in this sector. According to a study by GFK published on November 17, 2022, the Internet has become the reference channel for second-hand and refurbished purchases. “Consumers make up to two-thirds of their purchases of smartphones, laptops and tablets on specialized, generalist or private sales sites,” notes Christophe Loyer, GFK consumer information consultant. For 87% of Opinium Research respondents, sustainable development has an impact on their shopping behavior during Black Friday. Responsible sourcing is now taken into account at Cdiscount: “Responsible and repairable products represented 12 to 15% of our trade volume, this year 20% of our own offer will be dedicated to products with better energy classes or repairable”.

For its part, Back Market has chosen not to offer an additional discount for Black Friday, as its refurbished products remain cheaper than new all year round. The company observes a leverage effect over the period. “We have seen an increase in demand around this event over the past two or three years. So far it has mainly been smartphones, and since 2020 also laptops, tablets and headphones,” explains Marine Libaud, senior global PR lead at Back.Markt , from.

Black Friday promises to be a highlight, but the end of the year should give way to more gloom. “If purchases are expected during Black Friday, the rest becomes more complex, confirms Michel de Guillermier. We are facing a consumption crisis, customers do not want to consume too much,” he concludes.

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