BMW 3.0 CSL Walkaround Video Shows The Spectacular Sports Coupe


After yesterday’s online reveal, the modern 3.0 CSL has arrived in Munich where it is currently on display at BMW Welt. This is the “00” prototype which will be followed by 50 customer cars, each costing €750,000. To put that sky-high price in perspective, the figure is more than eight times the money you’ll pay in Germany for a basic rear-wheel-drive M4 with a manual transmission, starting at €89,900.

The car looks downright spectacular, although we’d say the 2015 CSL 3.0 Tribute and later R Tribute feel even more special. BMWBLOG had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the new version of the Coupe Sport Lightweight, which wore the classic motorsport roundels signaling 50 years of M. A huge ‘M Power’ logo on the rear fender is also a throwback to the old days .

BMW claims that there are no less than 134 paint processes for each car, requiring an additional 6,700 manual work sequences in the paint shop. Pretty much everything you see painted in solid Alpine White is made from hand-painted carbon composites. The material was left exposed only on the lettering on the roof and the rear fender. A total of 22 individual parts require a special process not used by any other M4 derivative.

Along with getting an anniversary livery, the 2023 3.0 CSL also gets center-lock wheels and a nicely redesigned grille that we can all take behind. The bulging wheel arches are also unique to the…

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