Boebert: ‘Disgusting’ to Criticize Me for Colorado Springs Rampage




Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is on the defensive after many pointed to the correlation between her attacks on the LGBTQ+ community and this weekend’s mass shooting at a queer Colorado nightclub near her district, where five people died and at least 18 were injured.

Boebert, a gun fetishist narrowly reelected to Congress this month, has made a political career vilifying minorities, including sexual and gender minorities. She often confuses transgender people with drag artists and has attacked both groups of people. Boebert claims drag queen reading hours are akin to strip shows, saying 6-year-olds are exposed to obscenity and calling the library events “child abuse”. She abuses transgender people, including health and human services officer Dr Rachel Levine, and says services for trans youth are “grooming”. Mainstream media like Yahoo! News calls his posts about LGBTQ+ people a “smear.”

The congresswoman tweeted a message after the Club Q attack on Saturday night, saying the victims and their families were “in her prayers.” Many condemned her post, including Brianna Titone, a transgender state representative from Colorado.

Boebert is now turning criticism of his attacks on the LGBTQ+ community – and accusations that it contributed to the shooter attacking the queer nightclub – as “disgusting” in a radio interview.

“It’s completely untrue. I’ve never had bad rhetoric towards anyone and their personal preferences as an adult,” she told KOA’s Ross Kaminsky in a radio interview Tuesday. , as Colorado Public Radio reported, “What I criticized was the sexualization of our children. And I criticized the men who dress up as caricatures of women.”

Many do not buy Boebert’s protests.

“It’s nonsense, but it’s not laughable because it’s so dangerous,” Colorado LGBTQ+ State Representative Stephanie Vigil told CPR. “And we know that when you start dehumanizing and slandering people in this way, someone who has a bent for violence is going to end up feeling very emboldened to do a good thing by perpetrating violence against people like me and many of my relatives. those.

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