Brendan Laws handed new court order after assaults and driving with meth in system


A Mandurah man who received multiple community orders for assaulting an IGA worker and nurse at Peel Health Campus was given one last chance to get his life back on track when he was re-sentenced after being caught driving with crystal meth in his system.

Brendan Julian Laws, 24, appeared in Mandurah Magistrates’ Court on Friday charged with one count of driving with an illicit drug prescribed in his system and one count of lack of license to drive, having already been disqualified.

The police prosecutor told the court at 11:39 a.m. on August 2, 2022 that Laws was driving southeast on Pinjarra Road when he was stopped by police and asked to take an oral fluid test.

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The results came back positive for methamphetamine, with officers also finding Laws was not cleared to drive after receiving a disqualification notice in March 2022.

Prosecutors said the current charges breached three community orders made on the laws by Perth Magistrates’ Court for two separate assaults that occurred in 2020 and 2021.

The court heard that one of the victims was a nurse from Peel Health Campus, who was assaulted by Laws after presenting to the emergency department with a head injury.

After acting antisocial towards staff, the 33-year-old victim approached Laws and was told ‘let’s go c***’, before being pushed to the ground.

Laws had to be subdued and sedated by staff, later telling police “I had three bottles of Little Fat Lamb, that’s about eight standard drinks per bottle”.

In his latest offense, duty counsel Claire Hay said Laws was on his way to an appointment with Peel Corrections when he was arrested by police.

“He knows there’s no excuse to drive, but he didn’t have an elevator anymore and his mentality was ‘I just need to get going’, to comply with his court orders,” she said.

“He also told me he was planning to move to Kalgoorlie to get help from his brother who has gone through his own rehabilitation journey and is now completely off drugs and living with his partner and children.”

In handing down his sentence, Magistrate Leanne Atkins said Laws was nearing the last resort sentence.

‘I’m not going to come close to jail time today, but Mr. Laws needs to know that his behavior towards that nurse was despicable,’ she said. “In relation to the two new charges, it is an extremely misguided thing to drive under suspension to try to comply with an order.

“You are on a slippery slope and I hope you accept your brother’s offer.”

Laws was sentenced to a 12-month intensive supervision order, a $1,500 fine and a driving ban for an additional 15 months.

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