‘Call Me Kat’ Sets Date for Leslie Jordan’s Final Episode After His Death


Call Me Kat marked the calendar for Leslie Jordan’s final episode following the star’s unexpected disappearance on October 24.

However, Jordan’s personality, Phil, will never really appear on screen again after “Call Me Extravagant Puffenstuff” airs on December 1, Jordan’s personality will continue to have a place on the show – in fact, the Fox sitcom will deliver outstanding recognition with a powerful visitor appearance.

“Leslie’s passing had a total impact on the storylines,” series lead Maria Ferrari told Cutoff time.

“We can only say that Phil’s mom will be featured in an episode we’re currently filming. We’ve chosen Leslie’s girlfriend, Vicki Lawrence, for the job.

Lawrence, who starred opposite Jordan in Fox’s The Cool Children, will play a “simple woman who fills the role of bistro cook while on vacation,” at Deadline.

Frontman Jim Patterson told the power source: “The main person we considered to play his mother – who is a person in her own right – was Vicki Lawrence.”

He continued, “They had this Cool Children association and it’s amazing, so entertaining. We referenced it and, God bless her, she didn’t hold back; she said OK immediately.

We know Phil’s soul will surely be with him. It’ll be fun to have this character doing some of the similar jokes we made when Phil was there. Jordan died in an October fender bender, evidently triggered after the entertainer encountered an unexpected health crisis, but the reason for his death has not been authoritatively stated.

Call Me Kat stopped creating after his death to allow the cast and band to mourn.

FOX Diversion called Jordan “the most considerate person you could ever imagine” in an explanation to Fun week after week at the time.

“We are stunned and crushed by the heartbreaking passing of Leslie Jordan.

Leslie was definitely above an Emmy Grant-winning comedic ability we’ve snickered close to for so long. He was the most thoughtful person you could imagine at any time, who basically lit up a room and brought endless delight and huge smiles to countless people all over the world,” the statement read.

“The most genuine of Southern gentry, Leslie conveyed an irresistible extravagance, an abiding awareness of what is actually funny, and throughout gave us countless fond memories that will last forever.

As we mourn this sad news, we also wish to express our most important feelings to the family, companions and fans of Leslie, whom he cherished so dearly.

Call Me Kat airs new episodes Thursday nights at 9:30 p.m. ET on Fox.

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