Clive Palmer’s harsh words for Premier Daniel Andrews before election


Clive Palmer took aim at Premier Daniel Andrews just days before Victorians went to the polls.

The former United Australia Party senator was in Melbourne ahead of Saturday’s state election, where he compiled reasons why voters should act to change the government.

“I think it means a lot to Australia as well as Victoria that something is being done to stop the example he has set for government,” he told NCA NewsWire.

“We saw under the reign of Daniel Andrews people dying after a hotel quarantined (Covid leak) because the Labor Party was incompetent to have security guards.

Clive Palmer challenges Dan Andrews
Camera iconUAP’s Clive Palmer and Geoff Shaw were in Melbourne ahead of the state elections. NCA NewsWire/Nicki Connolly Credit: News Corp Australia

“Then we saw the whole place locked down, vaccination warrants, pregnant women arrested in their homes, we saw small businesses go bankrupt.

“In addition to what we have seen, it is time to change and hold these people to account.”

The comments came hours after a dramatic press conference, in which the mining billionaire accidentally called his party’s candidate, Geoff Shaw, a Nazi.

“If anyone is a Nazi, of course it’s Geoff… Dan Andrews, there’s no doubt about it,” he said. “Victorians are suffering from policies that have destroyed families, small businesses and jobs. They lost their freedom.

Mr. Palmer said the party had big ambitions for the next election despite mixed results in the federal election.

“We can seek to maintain the balance of power in Victoria and there aren’t many parties that can do that,” Mr Palmer said.

“The Greens are really only part of Labor and we have seen the Teals exposed as being for Labour. I think a lot of people regret not voting for us in the last federal election.

Clive Palmer challenges Dan Andrews
Camera iconThe PSU fielded 15 candidates for the Upper House, including Geoff Shaw. NCA NewsWire/Nicki Connolly Credit: News Corp Australia

The party only won 4.7% of the vote despite a $100 million campaign.

The UAP has only one member left in the Federal Parliament after the elections, Ralph Babet representing Victoria in the Senate.

The Labor government of Daniel Andrews currently holds 55 of the 88 lower house seats in Victoria. It takes at least 45 to form a majority government.

The UAP fielded 15 candidates for Upper House seats statewide, led by state party leader Geoff Shaw.

The municipal elections will take place on Saturday, November 26.

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