did you receive it? The final payment has been made


Inflation bonus: did you get it?  The final payment has been made

PREMIUM INFLATION. Since November 15, a total of eleven million beneficiaries of the Child Benefit Fund (CAF) must benefit from the inflation bonus.

[Mise à jour du mercredi 16 novembre 2022 à 08h51] Have you taken the time since yesterday to check your bank account? If you are one of the beneficiaries of the activity bonus of the Child Benefit Fund (CAF), be vigilant in the coming days. CAF has been paying exceptional solidarity aid since November 15. You don’t have to do anything: the payment is done automatically. Please note that the inflation bonus will be less generous than for the other beneficiaries (recipients of RSA, AAH, etc.). “The amount of their support will be 28 euros, plus 14 euros per dependent child”we can read on the website of the Rijksdienst.

This inflation bonus, integrated into the law in favor of purchasing power, is intended for the most modest households, whose budgets are tested by inflation. In October, consumer prices rose by 6.2% year on year. Inflation is the result of the economic recovery following the coronavirus health crisis. Last February it was accelerated by the war in Ukraine. The conflict has led to an explosion in energy prices, resulting in other categories of goods and services.

Who will receive the 2022 inflation bonus? Requirements

The emergency aid paid at the beginning of the school year only concerns beneficiaries of certain allowances:

  • a spa,
  • aah,
  • PLA,
  • SSA,
  • EAR,
  • Fixed bonus for resuming activity,
  • SAR
  • Financial Assistance for Social and Professional Inclusion (AFIS)
  • Simple surcharge for the elderly
  • RSA,
  • activity bonus
  • scholarship students.

All eligible target groups appear in the decree to be published in the Official Journal. The reference tax income of the household is not studied in advance. “It is the organization that normally pays these allowances that will pay the aid, the CAF explains on its site. This aid will be paid to scholarship students who do not receive housing aid from the Crous.”

In which cases does CAF pay the inflation bonus? What about the employment office?

In September 2022, the Child Benefit Fund will pay exceptional solidarity support to beneficiaries of social minimums, such as the RSA and the activity premium. You don’t have to do anything in advance. Payment is made automatically. Pôle emploi ensures the payment to the beneficiaries of certain social minimums paid to job seekers, such as the ASS and the AER. You do not receive a Pôle emploi inflation premium if you are unemployed and receive the resumption of work benefit. Payment is due at the end of September.

Will retirees benefit from the inflation bonus?

Retirees enjoy the 2022 inflation bonus, provided they receive the minimum age (Aspa). Please note: as of 1 July, the basic retirement pension will be increased with retroactive effect by 4%.

What is the inflation premium in 2022?

The government has provided details. The amount of the inflation bonus 2022 is 100 euros per household and 50 euros per child. Thus, for a family consisting of two adults, including a beneficiary of the RSA, and two children, the inflation premium is 200 euros.

What about RSA receivers?

RSA recipients are among the beneficiaries of the inflation bonus. You don’t have to do anything upstream. Payment is made automatically by your child benefit fund.

The exceptional back-to-school support would be paid to most of the beneficiaries by September 15, 2022. Activity bonus recipients will have to wait until November.

Is the inflation bonus paid monthly?

No. The exceptional back-to-school help is exceptional, as indicated by its name. It’s not meant to be permanent. On the other hand, the government has been working for several years on the creation of a food voucher for the most humble, to help them buy high-quality food products in a short circuit. At this stage, no modality has yet been revealed, although the principle of food control has already been validated in a legal text.

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