Dog put down, owner fined after mother and baby attacked in Doubleview


A dog that attacked a mother and her eight-month-old baby while walking in Doubleview last week has been put down.

Nicole Filar was walking with her son Leo and their labradoodle Kiki on October 17 when they were attacked by two dogs believed to be a bulldog and a Staffordshire bull terrier, Nine News reported.

The Beatrice Street incident was captured on CCTV, showing one of the dogs repeatedly trying to bite the baby’s face before the other dog mauled Kiki on the sidewalk.

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Ms Filar said she desperately tried to protect her son from the dogs as passers-by rushed to help him.

“They started circling us and then all of a sudden one of the dogs jumped on my son…and then the other dog pinned my dog ​​to the ground and I just started screaming at him. help and get hysterical because I couldn’t help myself.” one or the other,” she told Nine News.

Nicole Filar was out for a walk with her eight-month-old son Leo and their dog Kiki when two dogs attacked them
Camera iconNicole Filar and her young child were walking in Perth on October 17 when two dogs violently attacked them. Credit: Nine News/Provided

Fortunately, Ms. Filar and Leo avoided serious injury.

A spokesman for the city of Stirling said on Friday the owner of the offending dog had been fined $600 after an investigation.

“The city takes all dog attacks seriously and the incident…in Doubleview was of particular concern given the impact on a young family,” the spokesperson said.

“The City of Stirling has now fully investigated and can confirm that the owner of the offending dog returned one of his dogs, which was subsequently euthanized.”

Dog owners involved in attacks causing physical injury can be fined up to $400 per violation under the WA Dog Act.

They can be fined $800 if the dog is declared dangerous.

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