Done and dusted as Tsyzu dismisses Zerafa


Tim Tszyu has flatly ruled out ever offering Michael Zerafa another fight, likening the notorious no-show to an ex-girlfriend who got his chance.

Tszyu and Zerafa were due to face off last year at Newcastle in the highly publicized Australian grudge match of the year.

But Zerafa was a sensational late scratcher, saying he was not ready to leave Melbourne at the height of COVID-19 and then having to endure a two-week stay in lockdown when he returned to Victoria.

“We’re happy to fight him anywhere in the country if he’s deemed COVID-free,” Zerafa said at the time.

“I’m not going to go fight without a team or a coach behind me after being with them for the last 12 weeks at camp. (Their health and financial well-being) always comes first.”

Sixteen months later, Zerafa will co-lead a Main Event card next week set up by promoters Tszyu No Limit Boxing at the Sydney Entertainment Quarter.

But just because No Limit Boxing has forgiven Zerafa, who faces undefeated Italian Danilo ‘Dash’ Creati, doesn’t mean Tsyzu has forgiven his bitter rival.

“No, it’s done. Done and dusted,” Tszyu told AAP when asked if he would ever be ready to step into the ring with Zerafa.

“Ex-girlfriend, you can’t go back to your ex-girlfriend, can you?

“Look, we prepped for three months. Whatever his excuse, he wasn’t there for the fight. I don’t care about the excuse, there’s no denying the fact that he didn’t move, so that’s the story.”

Instead, Tszyu is focused solely on his impending world super welterweight title unification showdown with American Jermell Charlo in Las Vegas.

Tsyzu has been training tirelessly in the tropical jungles of Thailand to prepare for her January 28 date with fate.

The unbeaten 28-year-old said the grueling getaway helped shape him into the most supreme form of his career.

“It’s just being able to get out of your comfort zone and change your environment.

“I have healthy food a minute away from me here – I’m never hungry.

“I have proper massages. I have a gym 20 meters away. I live in a jungle.

“I run on high altitude mountains. The mountain I’m running on is just sick. The Big Buddha run, I think it’s 4.5 kilometers, but it’s a flat out run, let’s just say that .

“I do a lot of strength and conditioning and train in the heat. The conditions are incredibly tough and I’m mentally preparing.

“You (think you) can’t push another round, but you keep pushing and pushing it.

“That’s what it takes to get to the top. I’m in great shape right now and, if the fight was tomorrow, I’d be ready to go.

“But I will peak when I need to.”

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