Emotional senator reveals family DV trauma


An Indigenous senator has broken down in parliament speaking out about the impact of domestic violence on herself and her family.

Northern Territory Senator Nampijinpa Price paid tribute to her deceased family members, including a mother and daughter, a woman who was her second mother, two aunts, two cousins ​​and her niece.

Senator Price became emotional when she said she was forced to identify her cousin’s body at the morgue.

She paid tribute to the children and the family they left behind.

“If we are serious about reducing the rate of domestic violence among Indigenous women in this country, we need to listen to the voices of women who are willing to speak out,” the Warlpiri woman said.

Senator Price spoke about the need for justice, telling the story of a woman whose sister was found hanging from a tree in a community in the Northern Territories.

“They think she was murdered. The investigation didn’t find that,” she said.

“These are injustices that must be followed. These voices, those that are rarely heard, must be heard.”

The Coalition Senator also spoke about the need to increase understanding of First Nations culture and its impact on domestic violence in Indigenous communities.

“We don’t want to acknowledge the pressures we face as people living within the confines of traditional Indigenous culture,” she said.

“We’re talking about culture and toxic masculinity. It’s happening in traditional Indigenous culture as well…and we need to start taking it seriously.”

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