Eternal Boys Anime to Be Half-Year Long


The original anime staff Eikyū Shōnen Eternal Boys revealed on Tuesday that the series will have 24 episodes and run for six months. Series official Youtube The channel released a video of the idol group’s first song “Eternal Boys” from the seventh episode.

The anime premiered on Fuji TV October 10. The anime had an advance screening of the first four episodes in Tokyo on September 17.

The story centers on Eikyū Shōnen (Eternal Boys) of the Manpuku Geinō Production (literally, Full-Stomach Entertainment Production) agency, a group of men in their mid-40s. They strive to become idols and overcome obstacles such as their age and physical condition.

Suppose a kid from the last Boonies dungeon moves to a starter town director cute directs the anime to LIDEN FILMSand Kimiko Ueno (The royal tutor, Uchitama? ! Have you seen my Tama? ) oversees scripts for the series. The original story concept is credited to the real “Manpuku Geinō Production”, which is actually LIDEN FILMS, Fuji TVand Polygon images. Seiko Asai adapts the original character designs by ma2 for animation.

Ryo Tanaka directs the sound and Yukari Hashimoto (Mr. Osomatsu, Komi can’t communicate) composes the music. King’s Records takes care of the theme songs, and coly develops the spin-off novel game.

The manga adaptation has started serializing Kadokawait is comic gene magazine on April 15, and the Human Academy Performing Arts College is collaborating on the project.

Sources: Eternal Boys anime website, Comic Natalie

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