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CD Projekt Red’s cult RPG will now finally be playable in all its glory thanks to the power of consoles and PC.

If you own The witcher 3 and a new generation console or PC, the Polish studio CD Projekt Red has a nice surprise for you. The RPG’s next-gen update arrives in early December to sublimate the title. The promised graphics with the first clips that aired at E3 in 2013 and 2014 finally materialize with this Complete Edition that lives up to its name. Players who own a version of the game on PS4, Xbox One and PC will automatically receive it completely free update. In addition to a graphic quality worthy of the titles available on current machines, the Complete Edition has many other surprises in store for fans of the license.

Indeed, all downloadable content published after the release of The witcher 3 will also be offered to everyone. So you don’t have to rush with possible DLC promotions Blood and wine and Hearts of stone : CD Projekt gives it to you. With the Steam Fall Sale, the base game is available for just $5.99. In fact, this simple expense is enough to unlock the new version available for a few weeks. To learn more about the details of the update, the studio offered a live broadcast of which here is the must-see information.

Christmas before time with the witchers

If you don’t want to catch up on the presentation, here’s a list of the main new features waiting for players to embark on the adventure. The witcher 3 next gen on December 14:

  • A performance mode at 60 fps or ray tracing at 30 fps (the second does not affect the Xbox Series S)
  • Haptic feedback on PS5
  • Cross save between all platforms (except Switch)
  • New magic shortcuts
  • A new, more dynamic camera for the PC versions
  • An option to make the minimap disappear on horseback or during combat
  • The possibility to “?” on the map to avoid information overload
  • Larger fonts for subtitles
  • A new series of missions inspired by the character Geralt in the Netflix series
  • Optional costumes inspired by the Netflix series

The Witcher 3: Full Edition will also be sold in a standalone physical version at a later, yet undisclosed, date. Otherwise, just take advantage of the many Black Friday deals and other fall sales on your favorite platform to get The witcher 3 and all its contents at a lower price.

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