Expert Suggested Hair Care Tips To Treat Hair Damage Post-Colouring


Can coloring damage hair? Usually, there are no complications with hair dyes, especially when you have them done by professionals and don’t overdo it. The main cause of damage caused by hair coloring is dying at home and overdoing it. A professional would have the expertise of this line through which they can prevent any damage or accident. When you color your hair frequently, it makes the hair brittle, which further weakens the cuticles over time. Because of this, the color and humidity fade.

Speaking on the subject, in an interview with HT Lifestyle, Divya Kohli, Brand Manager and Distributor of Davines India, shared some thoughts on how hair coloring causes damage, such as split ends, hair loss, breakage and dry hair. To help you, we have featured this article with hair care tips to treat and repair color damaged hair.

Must use moisture-rich hair dye

Conditioners are the best when it comes to straightening hair. This is why it is essential to use hair dye before coloring. And if you dye the hair at home, it is advisable to avoid pull caps, which damage the color overlap.

Use olive oil

The application of oils mainly helps to rehydrate the hair and smooth the cuticles. And olive oil, in particular, tends to help soften hair and replenish moisture. However, be sure to apply olive oil at least a few days later.

Color safe shampoo and conditioner

Use specific hair products after coloring as they are formulated with an appropriate pH that prevents the hair shaft from swelling and letting the dye escape. And it will also help retain hair color for long periods of time.

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Use products with purple mica

There are various hair care products on the market that contain violet mica, a natural pigment with restorative formulas. These products are great for reducing brassy and yellow undertones and making your hair color more refreshing and shiny.

Shea butter and argan oil products

To reduce hair damage after coloring, you need products that keep hair moisturized and hydrated. For this, it is best to use products based on shea butter and argan oil. They also make your brittle locks softer and shinier.

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