Finally Revealed “Who is August Alsina Dating”!


The man who always saysNo to loving life”, finally revealed his romantic love or his beloved partner while saying “yes” to him. While the man is well known, an American singer and songwriter. Before moving forward with the love life of august Alsina, let’s take a look at when he started his career or his achievements.

August Alsina turns thirty in 2022let’s see how he started his career, in 2011, his works are R&B and hip-hop genres, and he started his career as a singer and songwriter, once in the interview he said ” I’m very passionate about singing and I just love to sing.

Who is August Alsina Dating

Well, let’s move on to August Alsina’s net worth, he earns $4 million.

For example now take a look at the main question of what y’all are here so keep scrolling to find out more about who August Alsina is dating and how they first met and became lovers ,

As you know August Alsina dating is trending on social media and people are more curious about prominent singer August Alsina when finally August revealed that the person he is dating is Zozo.

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Let’s see how August Alsina and Zozo meet for the first time, they meet in the VH1 reality show actually a series starring actors from the four cities of love and hip hop, whose names are New York, Miami, Hollywood, Atlanta, while, Zozo is also a famous personality in the music industry, you guess pretty well, he is also a musician by profession. Recently, Zozo and August Alsina released a single together called “Yeah yeah” presented by Alsina. Subsequently, the handsome pair also released the song “2 Am.” Along with that, they also greet August Alsina’s mother, Sheila Blair, for a happy birthday.

August Alsina, said in the interview about love and the famous VH1 reality show that “teaches many things in his life, like love, attachment and many others”,

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The video went viral where August Alsina is sitting on the other side, and the person hugging him was none other than the famous personality and lover, named Zozo.

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In the recent episode “La vie surréaliste”, where he expresses his feelings and his love for Zozo in addition, he also added Zozo, is the man who gives him unconditional love, and is limitless or teaches healing like unorthodox in the confessional.

Take a look at the post where they are both together and they look so cute,

Let’s see the social appearances of August Alsina


6.9 million followers on Instagram, the link is given below, please look over there.


August Alsina has 1 million followers on Twitter

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