Firefox makes its best privacy feature available to everyone


In these times of increasing levels of third-party control over users’ activities online, it is recognized that there are still organizations defending and strengthening the tools in favor of online privacy.

In this sense, the Mozilla Foundation has announced that Total Cookie Protection, the feature that provides the highest level of protection against tracking Firefox users’ activity through the use of cookies created by third-party websites and without affecting the browsing experience, is available to all users by default this web browser worldwide.

Mozilla indicates that this is the case The strongest protection Firefox offers is to restrict cookies to the websites they come fromthereby preventing third party companies from using them to compile a compilation of the activities they perform in their browsing sessions.

To do this, this function, as described, Build independent containers, or what they call “cookie jars”, depending on each website you visit, so each of them puts their cookies in their container (or JAR) and only accesses them and not cookies made by others websites were generated.

In this way:

No other website can access the cookie containers they don’t own and find out what other websites’ cookies know about you, freeing you from intrusive ads and reducing the amount of information companies collect about you.

Total Cookie Protection is your solution to a situation that you consider alarming and that may affect you more at certain times, such as on browsing activity:

It’s an amazing reality: the ability to have your every move online being observed, tracked, and shared, and it’s the opposite of the open web that we at Mozilla have worked hard to build. That’s why we built Total Cookie Protection to keep you safe online.

Total Cookie Protection is also the culmination of extensive research and development work that began in 2015 to find a balance between web use and privacy, and is available in Firefox for Windows, Mac and Linux versions.

More information: Mozilla

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