first vacation photos in Paris for Daryl


Daryl’s spin-off is revealed in photos. The Walking Dead arrives in France.

The living Dead packs his bags in France. The zombiesque series will explore our verdant lands with a spin-off starring Daryl. While the parent series ended this week, AMC isn’t ready to say goodbye to the universe created by Robert Kirkman. Expected for 2023, a new production is currently being shot in France.

It is more precisely near Paris that the zombie invasion will take place. After a few stolen shots near the filming locations, it’s now AMC’s turn to share footage, officially this time. While the project is still very mysterious, this is a chance to gather some clues about the hero’s journey camped out by Norman Reedus. No sightseeing, the character clearly has his work cut out for him.

The actor had also recently confided that this journey would be the core of the story. The plot should follow him as he tries to figure out how and why he ends up on the other side of the Atlantic. On the way he meets the French actress ClĂ©mence Poesy. For example, we’ve seen it Harry Potter and the goblet of fire. She will give the answer to Adam Nagaitis (Chernobyl).

Credits: AMC

The series will hit our screens next year. It won’t be the only one as there are two other spin-offs planned. For example, we will have the opportunity to find Rick and Michonne for the conclusion of their adventures.

Still in 2023, Dead city will explore Negan and Maggie’s journey to New York. In the city that never sleeps, the ghosts still have plenty of good times to offer.

Mini series

Each of these productions is not currently intended to span multiple seasons. While the parent series struggled to regain its old-time audience, AMC is currently only involved in miniseries production.

Credits: AMC

Season 8 of Fear the walking dead has not yet been announced. In any case, the universe continues to expand on our screens. It remains to be seen whether the audience will still be there. Over time, the community of fans of The living Dead tended to fade.

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