Forget the iPads, this nugget tablet from Xiaomi is crazy (-35%)


The Mi Pad 5 is a touchscreen tablet that rivals the iPad Pros to some extent. It’s 4 times cheaper, so you can’t expect exactly the same standard, but it’s still an excellent product. For Black Friday, Xiaomi’s Mi Pad is unbeatable.

Xiaomi made the Mi Pad 5 official in 2021. With this touchpad, the manufacturer is moving to the medium/high-end segment by offering advanced technical qualities on this device. Ultimately, this bestseller has everything it takes to compete with the iPad Pro… Except the price. Especially since the price keeps getting better as AliExpress unveils a new offer especially for Black Friday.

Xiaomi’s tablet doesn’t have to be the target of the slightest discount to sell in bulk. However, AliExpress is not hesitant to drop its price sharply with a -35% discount, proof of its commitment to Black Friday. More clearly, the Mi Pad 5 is shown for the crazy price of 274 euros instead of 399 euros with the code BFFR55. The stock is very low, best to take advantage of it as soon as possible before the breaks.

To see this crazy offer, it’s here:

I am taking advantage of the AliExpress offer

The Mi Pad 5 is a bestseller on AliExpress, it is one of the most popular references since its release. Therefore, it is not uncommon for the item to be out of stock during the year. The slightest reduction causes such a craze that the tablet disappears in a few hours. Given the success of the operation and this model, this flash sale should be going to the merchant in no time. This is the last opportunity of the year to take advantage of this exclusive rate, we advise you not to wait any longer.

The Mi Pad 5, a worthy competitor to the iPad Pro

The Pad 5 tablet is a little gem, well beyond its price-performance ratio. With this model, Xiaomi proves that it has its place in the niche of high-end devices, as it has not skimped on the technical data sheet of this bestseller. The latter is simply excellence, such as its 11″ WQHD + display with a 120 Hz refresh rate. It has accompanied this panel with support for Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision to provide sound quality and a very premium picture. This will surely please all fans of series and movies.

Watching video content is also an excellent use of Xiaomi’s Mi Pad 5. Especially since the brand has equipped the tablet with a True Display mode that allows you to watch movies in a dark environment without hurting your eyes. In the same logic, the use is supported by an excellent 8,720 mAh battery. It lasts for several days on a single charge and up to 16 hours of continuous video. Then enjoy fast charging with 25W for efficient power recovery.

Xiaomi’s Pad 5 also delivers great performance due to the presence of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 860 chip. This processor will run all your applications and mobile games without latency, both at startup and during use. The tablet will always be effective in providing a fluid experience.

I am taking advantage of the AliExpress offer

In terms of design, the Mi Pad 5 tablet really sets the standard with slightly squared finishes that reinforce a clean and understated aesthetic. This really adds to its premium positioning in the market, because on this side it has nothing to envy to Apple. Finally, the manufacturer has added an 8MP selfie sensor and an 8MP rear sensor to this model. You can also accompany it with the S Pen or various accessories such as a keyboard.

An exclusive price on AliExpress

Xiaomi’s Mi Pad 5 is a tablet par excellence. Its technical qualities are at the service of its use, allowing it to meet many expectations. You use it primarily for gaming and quietly watching videos, but also for work. In any case, the tablet remains light enough that you can take it anywhere, both at the office and on vacation.

At this price, the Pad 5 tablet is a real nugget that you can get for less than 280 euros. AliExpress offers an exclusive price on the tablet, no other online retailer can do it this well during Black Friday. In addition, we appreciate to see that the trader is heavily involved in this edition in order to lower prices in this period. Since the special operation is the largest in France, this golden opportunity, like every year, should attract people.

Besides a crazy price on the Xiaomi Mi Pad 5, AliExpress outdoes itself with a few choice advantages. The tablet will be delivered free of charge within a few days. You don’t have to pay anything, the VAT is already included, since the shipment is made from a French warehouse. When in doubt, also know that you are entitled to a nice safety net called a retraction net. You therefore have 14 days to return the device to the retailer free of charge, resulting in a full refund.

The Mi Pad 5 tablet comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty when you order from AliExpress. The benefits are the same as any other retailer, except the pricing is significantly more aggressive, so don’t miss out on this unmissable Black Friday deal.

To see the offers, it happens here:

I am taking advantage of the AliExpress offer

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