Four times cheaper than an iPad Pro, the Mi Pad is pure madness


During Single Day, Xiaomi’s Mi Pad 5 tablet will see its price crash like never before. Now is the perfect time to equip yourself at the lowest price.

On the occasion of Single Day, an alternative to Black Friday, AliExpress unveils its best promotions of the year. The operation started earlier this year than in previous editions, namely on November 1. That said, the highlight is none other than Friday 11 and Saturday 12 November with the best prices.

Flash sales are limited in duration but also in number of pieces. This applies to references placed online as well as to promo codes that make it possible to obtain the lowest price. Therefore, as you will have understood, you should quickly take advantage of the good deals on the AliExpress platform. It is recalled that Single Day is the largest online commercial operation in the world.

At the initiative of Alibaba, the latter achieved an impressive turnover of 84.5 billion euros last year through its international subsidiary AliExpress. By comparison, even Black Friday isn’t doing very well. Amazon is also a pale figure as it earned almost 7x less during its Prime Day with a turnover of 12 billion dollars. Coming to this offer on this excellent Mi Pad 5 tablet from Xiaomi, this is a best seller from the manufacturer.

Nowadays it becomes really affordable thanks to the current offer. In fact, the Mi Pad 5 drops with the code SDXFR32 to only 284 euros instead of 349 euros, four times cheaper than an Apple iPad Pro. At such a competitive price, there’s no doubt that the tablet will be taken by storm by internet users looking for a bargain.

To discover this special offer, it is here:

I take advantage of the offer

Like every year, Single Day rivals the famous Black Friday. AliExpress is pulling its best promotions for the occasion, only in the form of flash sales. This means that all the hottest, hottest products are only available for a few hours.

Mi Pad 5: the premium Xiaomi tablet at a crazy price

The iPad Pro is available from 899 euros while Xiaomi’s Mi Pad 5 is 4x cheaper than the latter. The features it offers are just as premium as the Apple device. The Mi Pad 5 has a beautiful 11-inch WQHD+ display. The latter displays a refresh rate of 120 Hz which ensures fluidity in all conditions, especially with the Smart Pen that you can add via a supplement (excellent for graphic designers).

The audio section is located at the height of the display. Xiaomi has not gone too far since making its tablet compatible with Dolby Atmos, as well as Dolby Vision for video. This combination of advanced technologies allows you to get an immersive audiovisual experience. Perfect for when you want to have fun and watch movies, series and other videos on the tablet. At this price, Apple and Samsung just have to behave, as the Xiaomi ogre makes everyone agree.

For the rest we find high-quality components. Indeed, Xiaomi has equipped its Mi Pad 5 with a powerful processor from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 860. Even if it is not the latest chip on the market, it remains one of the most efficient and guarantees you perfect responsiveness and fluidity. This allows you to play energy-consuming games without any problems (or if you use heavy applications such as video editing), the Xiaomi tablet will always remain very fast.

I am taking advantage of the AliExpress offer

The autonomy of the device is excellent as the Asian giant has integrated a large capacity battery from 8,720 mAh. Enough to last several days with the Mi Pad 5, without any problem. For example, if the tablet can play video for 16 hours in a row. And if your battery runs out, the USB-C port lets you enjoy fast charging at 22.5W and get hours of battery life back in just minutes.

If it’s 4x cheaper than the iPad Pro, Xiaomi’s Mi Pad 5 clearly adopts its rival’s design. This is one of the most successful tablets on the market. Also, the Mi Pad 5 includes photo sensors for those who want to take photos from their touchpad. There is an 8 MP selfie sensor and a 13 MP back sensor. Take some photos/videos, but also scan documents easily.

AliExpress praises Xiaomi during its Single Day

On Single Day, AliExpress puts a particular emphasis on Xiaomi-branded products. Indeed, in addition to this Mi Pad 5, the online retailer offers discounts on many references. From smartphones, with the latest Xiaomi 12 or the Redmi Note 11 Pro, to the Mi Pump Air, the discounts on these bestsellers are impressive. So you don’t have to wait for Black Friday to get them for the lowest price.

As previous editions of Single Day have shown, the best deals on Asian products are found during this operation. Above all, it is only possible to have stock during this period. Indeed, apart from AliExpress and its privileged relationships with Xiaomi and the other major Chinese brands, no French online merchant can have stock.

In short, you will have to be very responsive to equip yourself with the Mi Pad 5 tablet at such a bargain price. As we said earlier, the code that accompanies the promo is also available in limited quantities. If you don’t buy it now, there is a big risk that the price will go up again or that the stock will disappear. In the worst case, you always have the option to return it within 20 days of delivery. AliExpress will reimburse you in the process, it knows how to do it effectively.

To discover the Mi Pad 5 on AliExpress, here it is:

I am taking advantage of the AliExpress offer

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