Friendlyjordies safe after home firebombed


An investigation is underway after a fire at the Sydney home of YouTube comedian Jordan Shanks-Markovina, also known as Friendlyjordies.

Police have revealed it was the second fire at Bondi’s home in a week and are investigating a possible link between the incidents.

Mr Shanks-Markovina was not injured in the fire that broke out on the veranda of his Bondi home just after midnight on Wednesday.

The fire caused significant damage to the YouTuber’s home and neighboring property, NSW Police said in a statement.

The house was vacant at the time and no one was hurt.

Police have opened an investigation and will look into possible links to another fire at his home last Thursday.

His lawyers claimed the incident was a firebombing and called for “all possible police resources” to be deployed to find the culprit.

“We confirm that the home of Jordan Shanks was burned down last night,” law firm Xenophon Davis said in a statement.

“He is safe. We hope that all possible police resources are devoted today to securing evidence and information.

“It might even justify a strike force focused on terrorism and attempted homicide rather than dangerous jokes.”

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