Friends Said Woman’s Death on Mexico Getaway Was Caused by Alcohol — But Authorities Suspect Homicide


After Shanquella Robinson’s guardians discovered their daughter had died while traveling in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico late last month, the companions she was with reportedly let the stunned family know that the young 25-year-old woman had died of alcohol-related complications. , the guards said.

Still, Robinson’s disappearance is currently being investigated as a murder, Mexican specialists told ABC News, The Everyday Monster and WBTV News.

Additionally, the FBI has opened an investigation into the death of the occupier of Charlotte, North Carolina, a representative told People.

According to the leading state attorney in Mexico exploring the case, Robinson’s October 29 death was a femicide — a type of orientation based on not putting up with wrongdoing.

Just a day before her death, Robinson had turned up at the retirement city with six companions for a ridiculous weekend to celebrate a companion’s birthday, reports Sovereign City News.

“She let me know they had a food expert. They were preparing to eat. They were eating tacos or a serving of mesclun or something, and I said, ‘Okay.

I love you. Have a great evening and I’ll talk to you tomorrow,” his mother, Sallamondra Robinson, told QCN. “I never spoke with my son in the future.”

The next day, Sallamondra received a call from Robinson’s companions who had traveled to Mexico with her, telling the mother that her baby girl had died, as reported by ABC News.

“They said she wasn’t feeling well. She had alcohol problems,” Sallamondra told Sovereign City News. She added, “Every last person who was there with her was telling various stories.”

Anyway, Robinson’s death certificate, which was obtained by WSOC television, reveals that she died from a serious spinal injury and a complicated subluxation of the card book. , a breakdown of the sensory system caused by a misalignment of the upper cervical vertebrae. Alcohol is not referenced in the passing will, according to the WSOC.

Additionally, records indicate that the time between his physical issue and his death was approximately 15 minutes. A case that asks if his death was “involuntary or fierce” has indeed been dealt with, according to Outlet. Robinson was found unconscious in a family room on the evening of October 29, according to the death statement.

‘Sickening’ video Salamondra Robinson told Great Morning America that someone had ‘called us [the family] and said someone beat her there.

Recently, a sickening video originally distributed by a North Carolina blogger became a web sensation showing a stripped down woman who is allegedly Robinson being brutally beaten by another woman, reports The Everyday Monster.

Someone in the room is heard asking, “Quella, could you basically fight anytime? Something anyway? Blogger, Gerald Jackson, told The Day to Day Monster that he got the clasp from “someone who was in the room who sent it to a singular relative they are mates with.”

Robinson’s father, Bernard, told The Everyday Monster that the individual in the video was Robinson. “The video is sickening,” Quilla Long, Robinson’s more established sister, told GMA.

Shortly after Robinson’s death, the US State Division told Sovereign City News that there was no clear evidence that treason was committed with Robinson’s death.

A U.S. State Division representative said in an email to individuals that the death of a U.S. resident occurred in Mexico, that when a U.S. resident dies abroad, the office generally provides appropriate consular assistance to the family. Likewise, the State Division alluded to Mexican experts on everything related to the exam.

People connected with Robinson’s family and a delegate from Cabo Manors, where Robinson and his companions had stayed. No one responded to the solicitation for comment from individuals by press time. In the meantime, Robinson’s parents must see fairness for their little girl. “By God’s finesse, I guess I’ll do a quick job,” Bernard Robinson told the WSOC.

“God will not fall flat. It will emerge,” he said. “I’m not surrendering. I am exceptionally certain that I will find the harmony of the brain.

The family started a GoFundMe to raise money for Robinson’s memorial service.

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