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GitHub talks about the importance of open source (Open Source)

Open source projects are heavily influenced within the software development community, but this is even more important within the GitHub?? The company values ​​projects that can be used by many people and for good causes through various incentive programs and partnerships with many technology companies.

To talk more about it, the showtech had the opportunity to discuss with stormy peterVice President of Communities GitHubon how project augmentation works open-source been done and what to expect in the future. To see now!


GitHub keeps growing

In addition to being used to deliver news for software development professionals, the GitHub Universe 2022 was the scene of the dissemination of the study octoversewhich counts data from the project creation platform annually.

Developers working on github
GitHub already has almost 100 million users worldwide (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)

This analysis has been carried out since 2012 and the company revealed that 3.5 billion contributions have been made in the GitHub throughout 2021. The company also noted that 90% of businesses that use the GitHub appears in wealth 100 (list of forbes with the world’s largest companies) and 85 million data repositories were created in 2021. stormy peter stresses that the main objective of the company is to invest in innovations so that professionals can realize their ideas.

My team works to create solutions that allow companies to invest in open source solutions and all the tools that allow developers to use GitHub to succeed. In addition to all the work to give the current structure, we are also focusing some of our work on innovation in the use of open source, which helps generate money and value for the companies use open source for individual applications.

stormy peterVice President of GitHub Communities

According to another company spokesperson, the GitHub has 94 million developers using its platform every day and the number is expected to reach 100 million soon. The lack of people to take care of projects is even less than the available demand, so the more people registered on the platform, the greater the chances of having a more connected world.

How did the open source projects go?

stormy reminds that currently, open source projects are essential for the world because of the strong adherence of professionals around the world and above all, the way in which everything can be improved over time.

Open source projects logo
The company values ​​ideas that can be used in other applications (Photo: Reproduction/Internet)

Himself GitHub has several programs to encourage the creation of actions open-source and even news like the Copilot are first distributed to administrators of large open source projects and then to enterprises and other types of users.

Open source projects are fundamental to the world. For companies, it is more than essential and we see it on a daily basis since 40% of companies that are on GitHub use it in their requests. I think that number is even higher and we don’t know. These days, these solutions manage to avoid years and years of development, because the work has already been done and companies only have to adapt the ideas.

stormy peterVice President of GitHub Communities.

the great work of stormy peter as vice-president of Communities of GitHub he is always working so that professionals have more and more resources and always manage to get everything out of paper without too much effort. Only in Brazil there are 3 million registered users; within a year, 974,000 people signed up for the first time.

Our goal is to make developers’ lives easier, happier, more profitable, and more sustainable. So we do that through various releases like Copilot, Hey GitHub and more. Speaking specifically about my team, we work on the day-to-day life of developers and how to make their projects successful. We have programs like GitHub Sponsors, which help software development professionals get paid, and other programs announced at GitHub Universe 2022, like GitHub Accelerator and other open source idea investment funds.

stormy peterVice President of GitHub Communities.

Anyone from anywhere in the world can submit their project to GitHub sponsors and it is enough to have an account on the platform for your submission to be made.

support for beginners

International schools part of education github
The company has partnered with several companies to ensure that first contact takes place in classrooms (Photo: Reproduction/Internet)

Brazilians are passionate about tech jobs and since they don’t have access to content, many software developers end up looking for knowledge on the internet. access to GitHub it’s free and stormy peter points out that the platform offers many training programs that interested parties can delve into.

We have a great team of partners at top schools teaching GitHub from the early days of the course. It is an important process and we know it exists, although we do not have visibility on what has been done. Brazil is one of the countries that has made the most progress in our education programs and we are satisfied with this result, and we will work to maintain it at this level.

stormy peterVice President of GitHub Communities.

Peters he also pointed out that the company has been working to increase access to information and that several tools are being launched so that more and more people have access to knowledge. O GitHub Education launched models for the GitHub Codespacesa way to allow access to education to be widely available.

Community use of GitHub Copilot

First released worldwide in June 2022, the GitHub co-pilot is a tool that manages to change the scenario of software development.

By December 2022, the novelty will finally be released to companies, because until then only managers of large open source projects, autonomous professionals, teachers and students had access to it. stormy recalls that the tool is based on expert data, but can also offer a personalized experience over time.

GitHub co-pilot
Virtual assistance is set to change the way projects are created (Photo: Reproduction/Internet)

An interesting novelty integrated recently is the Hi GitHub, which lets people put keyboards aside to build their apps. This is an interesting feature that offers mobility and speed in everyday life. We have already talked about it in our special article, do not hesitate to consult it.

GitHub Copilot has a lot of natural language and a lot of code from open source projects, but it’s not “trained” from scratch. It’s a tool that gets better with time and will get better in the months to come.

stormy peterVice President of GitHub Communities.

O GitHub co-pilot can be widely used by various parts of society and stormy remember that the first version is only the first step towards a big change. How professionals use the personal assistant on a day-to-day basis will be more important in measuring how everything will change in society.

I think Copilot should work the way calculator and computer changed society. The simplest explanation is that of the calculator: you had to calculate things manually, but at some point it will not be practical to solve a certain problem because you will have to use a large formula to do the project. Calculators were useful because it was no longer necessary to do the calculation by hand, the result appearing on the screen in a maximum of one second.

The same goes for Copilot: I can go online, look up all the variables and code names, and test everything, but Copilot does it for you. It’s like a calculator or a spell checker: you can learn to say a certain thing on the Internet, but the spell checker will do it automatically.

stormy peterVice President of GitHub Communities.

The growth of the number of professionals in Brazil

As the third largest developer community open-source outside the US, in just one year, 974,000 people opened their GitHub account for the first time. stormy says growth has happened in recent years, but the biggest boost is the willpower of Brazilians.

We have noticed that over the past few years enrollment is increasing exponentially and I believe people are very educated, passionate and very open to innovation. There is a lot of innovation and people are putting it everywhere by solving everyday problems with a lot of creativity.

stormy peterVice President of GitHub Communities.

O GitHub He also really wants to invest in Brazilian projects so that this community grows more and more, since the new incentive programs for those who work with open source also include those who live in the lands of Tupiniquin.

What future for the developer community?

At the end of our interview, stormy recalls that he hopes that the launch of all the new features of the GitHub Universe 2022 to be useful to as many developers as possible and that there is a lot to do, as well as everything has been thought out exactly to generate more productivity.

I would like to change everyone. New features, Copilot, investment programs and other tools will be essential to make everything happen in the best possible way.

stormy peterVice President of GitHub Communities.

It also recalls that the funding of programs such as GitHub sponsors help several countries like Brazil to see their projects encouraged and the world of open-source continue to grow exponentially.

Developer working on an open source project
The company hopes that more and more projects will see the light of day with the launch of tools (Photo: Reproduction/Internet)

How do you think incentive programs can help open source applications? Tell us comments??

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