Han Solo back in a sequel no one wants?


Despite the bitter failure, the director of Solo: A Star Wars Story wants to make a sequel to Han Solo’s adventures.

Han Solo is one of the favorite characters in the saga Star Wars. The character played by Harrison Ford in George Lucas’s trilogy was logically one of the protagonists offered a solo adventure in the cinema. Directed by Ron Howard, this spin-off aimed to tell the origins of the bounty hunter. But without the original actor, with Alden Ehrenreich in the title role. The result was far from popular with the public. While RogueOne and the new trilogy was on the brink of a billion dollars in revenue, Solo: A Star Wars Story raised only $393.2 million internationally.

The film is also far from unanimous on the critics’ side. However, it was one of the most anticipated projects since Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm. So, this failure could have interrupted the rumors of a sequel, but one of the screenwriters was not counted on. Jonathan Kasdan explains to Josh Wilding’s microphone why he still wants to get started writing a new album. He even announces that this hypothetical sequel could actually be better than the original.

“The reason a Solo 2 could drive is because there are so many great characters that we couldn’t pinpoint. In my opinion, the strongest argument would be to give Alden (editor’s note Ehrenreich) the chance to honor this score. I think in the end he actually did and he didn’t have the pleasure of enjoying it with just one movie. I would like to see him again.”

A chimera?

A continuation on Solo: A Star Wars Story could it see the light of day? As the saga takes a break from the cinema, Lucasfilm explores the various possibilities to broaden its scope of action. Several movies are in development, but they remain quite mysterious. For example, we know that Kevin Feige is going to produce one. No release date has been announced yet. Two films are as yet untitled, they could theoretically be dedicated to our favorite smuggler. However, it is quite unlikely. In the cinema, the license seems to want to break free from the original trilogy to explore new horizons. It will obviously no longer be a question of meeting some of the iconic characters, but of newcomers.

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