how did 80,000 people end up on the dark web?


A revenge porn platform just had a historic data breach, exposing the data of 80,000 people.

Last September, there was a massive data theft on the revenge porn site Get revenge on your ex led to exposure of 80,000 personal email addresses, IP and physical addresses, as well as phone numbers and passwords in plain text. The site, which specializes in distributing and sharing intimate videos and photos, has already been controversial for its exploitation of unauthorized content. This data breach only drives the point a little further home.

Champion of revenge porn

With services that offer to send text messages, emails or letter bombs, the platform Get revenge on your ex promises fast action and “perfectly legal“. In addition to harassment, the site was also known for its forums and websites, which collected compromising videos and photos that were broadcast without the consent of those exposed. From now on, multimedia content can be accessed via the dark web, explained a few days ago Daniel Markuson, cybersecurity expert on behalf of the NordVPN company.

In addition to building its notoriety in cyberbullying, Get revenge on your ex must now face another problem, perhaps even more serious. The dissemination of compromising content related to the disclosure of sensitive and easily identifiable personal data.

Made public two days ago, the data breach did not respond to any communications from the site in question, which the platform had contacted Am I pwned, which identified the 80,000 identities affected by the situation. If in doubt, we still recommend checking your passwords and not clicking on suspicious links.

However, remember that the law penalizes revenge porn and the distribution of intimate images without consent. Since the law of 7 October 2016, this type of content requires the consent of the data subject. In the event of a violation, the penalty can be up to 60,000 euros fine and two years in prison. A toll-free harassment and cyber-violence number is also available on 3020.

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