“If Joe Biden Can, So Can I”: Gujarat BJP Candidate, 76, Says Age No Bar


Yogesh Patel, the BJP candidate from Manjalpur in Vadodara


At 76, his appetite for a political fight has once again landed him at the heart of the electoral campaign in Gujarat. When NDTV reminded him of the age limit of 75 stipulated for candidates by his own party, pat came the response: “Look at Joe Biden. He rules America at 80.

Yogesh Patel, the BJP candidate from Manjalpur constituency in Vadodara, is contesting Assembly elections for the eighth time and says his “thing” (meaning) and “Josh” (resilience) will see him through again, no matter his mature old age.

Reacting to a question about why his party was forced to relax its own stipulation and field a candidate over 75, Mr Patel said: “I have always been in close contact with the people, even when I was not an MP. This is close to my heart. »

The BJP candidate, a MLA for 32 years, said he has always worked for the people with all his heart and will seriously fight this election.

When asked to comment on claims by the AAP and Congress candidates that they would succeed this time in Manjalpur, Mr Patel said: ‘Just wait for the results on December 8.’

“I’m pretty sure that the AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) and the Congress candidates in my constituency will both lose their deposits,” Mr Patel confidently told NDTV while campaigning from his roofed 4×4 openness that has kept him company since his first campaign as a candidate three decades ago.

Explaining why he considers himself young at heart, the BJP candidate said there are people in their twenties who would spend their time at home. “For me, it’s ‘aging’. Now think of Joe Biden. He rules all of America at 80. So age doesn’t really matter.

He further said that maintaining punctuality in all aspects of life has allowed him to last for so long.

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