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Jovem Pan loses monetization on YouTube due to misinformation

Known for being a communication group bringing together many professionals who support the far right, the Youtube revenue suspended for ads from all channels in the young casserole to Youtube?? Throughout the election period, the site controlled by Google sent notifications about the post and misinformation. There are surveys that point out that anything posted by the channel favors current President Jair Bolsonaro.

channel screenshot  "the drops in the east" of the young pan
The channel has been cited as a major source of fake news (Screen capture: Victor Pacheco/Showmetech)

Chain “The drops on the eastwas the most affected, but in a statement, the Youtube pointed out that all spectra that are part of the group’s ecosystem on the most used video site in the world. All content can still be viewed on the channel “Os Pingos nos Is” which has more than 5.38 million subscribers. See YouTube’s statement:

Os Pingos nos Is has repeatedly violated our policies against misinformation in elections and our guidelines regarding content suitable for advertising, including those related to controversial issues and sensitive events, dangerous or harmful acts, in addition to other monetization policies. In this way, we have suspended the monetization of the respective channel and the others that are part of the Jovem Pan YouTube network, according to our rules.

YouTube about removal of Jovem Pan channel monetization

Although many social media profiles that posted fake news during the 2022 election were taken down following a court ruling, the decision to remove monetization from government-controlled channels young casserole was standalone from YouTube. It is quite common for the platform to act on its own after previous warnings have not been taken seriously.

If they continue to post content with misinformation, there is always a chance that the “Os Pingos nos Is” channel will be removed. This usually happens after three rule breaks and the Youtube emphasizes that you can exclude content that may contribute to misinformation (before, during or after an election period).

TSE investigates Jovem Pan

An action initiated by the Luiz Inacio da Silva in October 2022 may bring even more problems to the channel being punished by YouTube. The Inspector General of Electoral Justice, Minister Benedito Goncalvesaccepted the request after receiving proof that Jovem Pan had campaigned in favor of Jair Bolsonaro and all the proposals of his government plan in the second round of elections.

Jovem Pan is a public service concessionaire, recipient of large sums from the federal government and who promotes the candidacy of Jair Bolsonaro and the Bolsonarist narrative on a daily basis, mainly linked to the so-called “culture war”, taking it to the millions of viewers day after day; while, on the other hand, he attacks in an ignoble way, with a lot of fake news, the opposing candidates, in particular former President Lula, breaking the isonomy of the protest.

Lula’s campaign in Jovem Pan’s inquiry request to the TSE

Supported by other parties, the action is still pending in court and according to the latest update, the young casserole must respond to the accusation that the channel has opened up more space for Jair Bolsonaro’s proposals. The channel reportedly suggested that if Lula won the election, “churches would be closed, a big organized crime plan would be implemented in Brazil, and a coup from the left would turn our country into Venezuela.” As you know, that was just misinformation.

youth pan president
Antônio Augusto Amaral de Carvalho Filho, known as “Tutinha”, is currently president of Jovem Pan (Photo: Reproduction/YouTube)

The investigation is still not closed and the broadcaster has not publicly commented on the sanction in the Youtube until the end of this article.

Do you know another channel on Youtube or should television be punished for broadcasting false information? Tell us comments??

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