Justice for Langer? Not on my watch


Support for Justin Langer was quickly silenced in the first Test against West Indies in Perth, with a banner reading ‘Justice for JL’ removed minutes after it was put up.

The WA public were furious when Langer was kicked out as Australia coach in early February, and fans are still angry at the decision 10 months later.

Langer is particularly revered in his home country and fans wanted to show their support on matchday three at Optus Stadium.

A rowdy group of teenagers unfurled a banner reading “Justice for JL” at the end of the Justin Langer stand on Friday, but within minutes a security guard was ordered by his superiors to remove it.

Optus Stadium has a policy of removing all objects that block commercial signage from the site.

Although the unfolded banner slightly obscured an electronic billboard, this part of the billboard was not used since there was already another billboard in front of it.

The band described the incident as a “stitch”, and they produced a series of chants to express their support for Langer.

“What do we want? Justice. When do we want it? Now.

The incident continued a week of headlines over whether there was a rift between Langer and some of his former players.

Langer did his best to dispel that on the morning of day one when he hugged and chatted with the players as they warmed up on the pitch.

“I love Australian cricket and love being back and seeing the boys. I haven’t seen them for nine months,” Langer said.

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