Kantara plagiarism row: Prime Video removes song from film, Thaikkudam Bridge says ‘justice prevails’


Kerala-based band Thaikkudam Bridge, who previously filed a lawsuit against Kantara song Varaha Roopam alleging plagiarism, have now shared an update. Taking to Facebook on Thursday, the band announced that the song had been removed from the film by Prime Video. Kantara was released on the OTT platform on Wednesday evening. (Also read | Kantara Song Plagiarism Dispute: Court Rules Varaha Roopam Cannot Be Used in Film ‘Without Permission From…’)

Sharing a collage of images of their song Navarasam and Varaha Roopam, Thaikkudam Bridge wrote, “Amazon Prime has removed the plagiarized version of our song NAVARASAM from the movie KANTARA. Justice prevails. Thanks to our lawyer: Satish Murthi and our mentor Mathrubhumi for their unwavering support. Thank you to our fraternity of musicians, our fans and the media who gave their wholehearted support to fight for their rights.

Thaikkudam Bridge in October alleged that Varaha Roopam was a copy of their song, Navarasam. On Instagram, they filed a plagiarism complaint against the Kantara team. Their Instagram statement read, “We would like our listeners to know that Thaikkudam Bridge is in no way affiliated with Kantara. The unavoidable similarities between our IP Navarasam and Varaha Roopam in terms of audio is therefore a clear violation of copyright laws.

He also added: “From our point of view, the line between Inspired and Plagiarized is distinct and indisputable and, therefore, we will take legal action against the creator…

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