Kia Australia working on Order To Deliver program, more personalisation options


Kia Australia plans to offer more color and trim options, as well as shorter windows between placing an order and starting your vehicle on the production line.

It’s no secret that the Korean brand offers a number of exterior and interior color and trim options in its home market as well as overseas that don’t typically make it to Australia.

According to Kia’s local chief operating officer, Damien Meredith, that could change within two years.

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“We focused on keeping things simple,” Meredith told CarExpert.

“If product planning was to their advantage, we would have 15 colors [for everything], but we like to keep things pretty tight and simplistic. But with OTD (Order To Deliver), it will happen.

“It will happen when a customer comes in and says ‘I want this, this, this and this’ and then in 90 days they put their car into production. It won’t happen tomorrow, but in the next two years it will happen. to arrive at.

Mr. Meredith and Roland Rivero, general manager of product planning at Kia Australia, confirmed that a greater choice of color and trim options will be part of this process.

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Unlike its parent Hyundai, Kia’s local division rarely offers the full catalog of colors and upholstery, let alone anything other than black, even in its high-end models.

Currently, the Stinger is the only model in Kia’s Australian lineup that offers more than one interior option, with the GT-Line and GT offering the choice of black or red upholstery depending on the exterior colour.

In the past, the Sportage, Sorento and Carnival have also offered lightweight interior options locally, but with the current generations Kia Australia has reduced them to a single option.

The current Sorento and Sportage, for example, offer multiple choices in South Korea, with the former offering navy gray and saddle brown leather options as well as a six-seat configuration not all of which are available in Australia, while the Sportage offers additional gray/blue and brown leather interior options.

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Camera iconCarnival High Limousine (Korea) Credit: CarExpert
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The popular Carnival mover offers a number of overseas seating configurations in addition to the eight-seater interior which is the only local option, including 9- and 11-seater layouts with four rows of seats, as well as a sumptuous High Limousine version that would put a Mercedes-Benz V-Class to shame.

Although it’s unclear exactly what additional options will feature in the Australian catalog in future years, but for customers who want more choice and more customization options – and as far as I know ownership groups from Kia online, many of these people exist – it will be a welcome change moving forward.

Stay tuned to CarExpert for the latest news on this new initiative over the next 18 months. We’d also be very keen to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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