Lara Dutta: It has become a challenge to balance out entrepreneurship with active acting career


Currently, actress Lara Dutta Bhupathi is struggling to balance her active acting career with her entrepreneurial journey and family life. But she doesn’t care.

“Since I entered the industry, I never thought that being a film actor was going to be the end of my life. At some point, I always knew that I would be an entrepreneur and that I would going into business. I always knew that. For me, it was just about finding the right time to be able to get into it,” Lara tells us.

Lately, the actress has been busy with back-to-back filming schedules of her web shows as well as film projects, and is also working on exploring other horizons as a producer as well as expanding her role as an entrepreneur. a multi-product commercial brand. And the clash has brought new challenges for her.

The 44-year-old reveals: “Five years ago I thought ‘okay, now, with the way the film industry works, now I would have the time and I could get into it. But I little did I know that the advent of OTT was happening simultaneously and that I was going to be busier than I have been in the last decade”.

“Now it’s become a huge challenge for me to balance the entrepreneurial spirit, to balance a busy acting career while balancing my family life,” adds the mother-of-one.

The Hiccups and Hookups actor thanks his family for helping him through it all. “I’m lucky to have the…

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