‘Law & Order’ criticized by fans for ‘disrespectful’ portrayal of service member with uniform mistake


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“Law & Order” fans are trained to follow clues, and they made a big mistake about a character’s military uniform during Thursday’s episode of the popular crime show.

In the episode “Chain of Command”, Michael Bakkensen portrayed Sgt. Bryce Crawford, Hugh Dancy as Acting District Attorney Nolan Price, and Odelya Halevi as Assistant District Attorney Samantha Maroon.


Social media users noticed that the uniform didn’t fit the story as his character was supposed to be a sergeant major.

One user tweeted, “How can you have a guy in army uniform pretending he’s a sergeant first class and telling him he’s a sergeant major.” “Really? You want me to ignore this?

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A Twitter fan wrote: “Just retired after 28 years of service. I served in Iraq at exactly the same time as the Camp Victory characters. It was a shame when an NCO with the rank of Sergeant 1st Class introduced himself as a Sergeant Major wearing stripes. The classification is correct. If you paid a military expert, fire him.

Another devoted follower wrote: ‘Uhhh they messed up with the sergeant major his stripes weren’t good…better.’

The wrong military uniform was shown in the

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Another Twitter user commented, “Love these shows but y’all gotta do better when you’re representing the military.”

“Law & Order’s last episode had a ‘Sergeant Major’ who held the rank of Sergeant First Class. It completely ruined the whole episode and made it amazing.

Some fans were unfazed by the uniform, however, and hailed the program on Twitter as “an excellent heartwarming, empathetic, low-key episodic episode.”

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Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay worked together on

Fox News Digital has reached out to NBC for comment.

wolf dick does Franchise “Law and order” in 1990, which has since spawned several spin-offs and over 1,000 TV episodes.

John Oliver recently criticized the show for pushing a “fictionalized” version of real law enforcement, with overtly “pro-law enforcement” fictional characters.

Oliver said: “Even though Dick Wolf brags about how the show is written in shades of gray or how it will show both sides of an issue, one side is always on and that’s the police. ” “

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