Lawyer for ‘Freedom Convoy’ organizers facing libel notice over inquiry claims


A lawyer representing ‘Freedom Convoy’ organizers faces an ‘upcoming’ defamation notice along with a cease and desist letter following allegations made during an emergency law investigation on Monday .

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Brendan Miller, the attorney representing Freedom Corp, claimed in comments to the commission that an employee of government relations firm Enterprise Canada, Brian Fox, carried a Nazi flag during protests earlier this year.

In a cease and desist letter sent to Miller and posted on Canada Business Twitter on Tuesday, Jeff Galway, an attorney for Blakes, Cassels and Graydon, said the “baseless allegation” was “highly defamatory.” .


“It is irresponsible and reckless to use the Commission’s process to make these false and damaging allegations on a highly visible platform,” the letter said.

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“These allegations are well founded and cause immediate and irreparable harm to our customers.”

Miller made the allegation while questioning David Vigneault, the head of Canada’s spy agency, during an Emergency Public Order Commission hearing on Monday.

Miller alleged that the Enterprise employee carried a Nazi flag during the convoy.

When Vigneault replied that he didn’t testify to it, Miller replied, “Yes, you didn’t testify to it, but you know it’s true, don’t you?”

The commissioner then denounced Miller’s conduct and reprimanded him, saying the question was “not a proper statement.”

In a cease and desist message sent to Miller on Tuesday, Galway reported that Fox “wasn’t in Ottawa at any time in January or February 2021.”

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“His last trip to Ottawa, to the best of his recollection, was in 2019 to attend the Manning Conservative Action Conference,” he added.

The letter stated that Fox was “not involved” in the “Freedom Convoy” protest and that, “contrary to (Miller’s) misinformation statements, Brian Fox is not a member, supporter or associate of the Liberal Party.”

“She is a long-time member and collaborator of the Conservative Party of Canada and was involved in the recent leadership process to support Mr. (Pierre) Poilievre,” he said.

“Your insinuation that Mr. Fox colluded with the government to discredit the protesters has no basis in fact and is reckless.”

Shortly after Miller made the allegations, social media lit up with allegations about the Enterprise employee. some users on Twitter while calling him a “paid actor” others asked if it was A “generous plant”.

The letter ends by asking Miller to “stop and resign” and “correct” his “misrepresentations.”

“A defamation notice is forthcoming, and we expressly reserve all of our customers’ legal rights and remedies.”

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Speaking outside the inquest on Tuesday before the cease-and-desist and made public, Miller faced questions from reporters asking if he feared prosecution for the allegation he made.

“No, I’m not. Because guess what? The truth is a perfect defense,” Miller replied.

“We also have privilege for the things we say in court – and that’s so the lawyers can do their job and the witnesses can tell the truth.”

He said he didn’t care about “yesterday’s classified ad” from Enterprise, referring to a statement from the government relations firm that they were considering their legal options.

“I don’t care,” Miller said.

“If they want to talk about it, I’d be happy to do it and defend it, get found out and get their records.”

Miller reiterated that claim Tuesday afternoon during questioning by Public Security Minister Marco Mendicino after the ceasefire.

Freedom Corp’s attorney also told the inquest that they had filed an “affidavit” of a person “who identified this person, and that person is Mr. Brian Fox, according to this affidavit.”

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