Laxalt says ‘victory window’ has narrowed in Nevada Senate race as count continues


Adam Laxalt, the Republican nominee for the Nevada Senate, said on Saturday his “window of victory” had narrowed as recent ballots continued to smash in favor of incumbent Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev .).

Laxalt leads with just over 850 votes Saturday morning, having initially taken a strong lead over Cortez Masto in Tuesday’s midterm elections. On Friday evening, the vote difference briefly fell below 800 ballots.

“Here’s where we are – we only got 862 votes,” Laxalt said in a tweet on Saturday morning. “Several days in a row, majority-counted ballots continue to break DEM margins higher than we calculated. This reduced our window of victory.

The Republican candidate said he thinks the close Senate race will likely come down to about 20,000 to 30,000 early ballots that were cast in Clark County on Election Day. Nevada allows voters to submit their mail-in ballots in person on Election Day.

“If it’s GOP or slightly leaning DEM speakers, we can still win,” Laxalt added. “If they continue to have a strong DEM trend, it will overtake us.”

The Nevada race will be key in determining Senate control, especially after the Arizona Senate race was called for Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly on Friday night. If the Democrats win Nevada, they will retain their narrow upper house majority with Vice President Harris’ deciding vote and have a chance to expand it in Georgia, where Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) and Republican Herschel Walker s will face off in a second round. election in December.

However, if the Republicans win the Silver State, control of the Senate will again revert to Georgia.

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