LG launches XBOOM Go XG9 speaker with 24 hours of battery life


THE lg presented its novelty in sound boxes, the powerful XBOOM Go XG9which is part of the line LG XBOOM GoXG and promises 24-hour battery life, as well as sand protection and waterproof material. Want to know more? Check the article.


LG’s line of speakers with greater power brings models XBOOM Go XG5🇧🇷 XG7 and the climax, the XG9🇧🇷

lg xboom go power line event launch
The event took place at the Shopping Market Place in São Paulo (photo: Larissa Bueno/ Showmetech)

Designed for lifestyle scenarios, the LG XBOOM Go XG9 it has a sound power of 80W + 40W RMS, with well-marked bass, creating immersive sound environments thanks to its two 4.5-inch Track Woofers. The higher sounds are crystal clear, thanks to the compression tweeter responsible for the high frequencies.

To further increase the sound field, the LG Bluetooth speaker has Sound Boost, which amplifies the reproduced sounds. There’s even a bass enhancement algorithm that, even at low volume, works to make every bass note in the music stand out.

fun everywhere

Listening to music with friends can become something more than a sound experience, and LG shows it’s tuned into the stage lighting present in the XBOOM Go XG9🇧🇷 A lamp capable of reproducing 16 million colors projects its light from the speaker, creating a colorful and cool environment for your meetings with friends and parties.

Bluetooth sound box with wooden lights
XBOOM Go XG9 stage light colors can be controlled by app (Photo: Larissa Bueno/ Showmetech)

The Bluetooth box also has LED-lit accents on its sides and a charging handle, which can also display 16 million colors as configured via the XBOOM app.

Speaker for indoors and outdoors

LG has developed its speaker line with portability, lifestyle and enjoyment in mind. With this in mind, it’s only natural that the XBOOM Go XG line has IP67 certification for protection against dust and water, allowing its use in outdoor environments without worry.

According to LG, Bluetooth speakers can be submerged up to one and a half meters without issue, and the company demonstrated at the event:

lg xboom go power xg9 waterproof speaker
LG’s bluetooth box remained submerged without any problem (Photo: Larissa Bueno/ Showmetech)

With a battery that supports up to 24 hours of music, the XBOOM Go XG9 it also has a power bank function, allowing you to charge your smartphone via the USB-A port present in the box. Speaking of connections, it’s also possible to stream audio to the box from the P2 (3.5mm) port.

And with the Bluetooth 5.1 connection, audio can be streamed from any compatible device. It is still possible to answer phone calls via the box itself, using the loudspeaker function.

brand expectations

We had the opportunity to have a very productive conversation with Marketing Director from LG in Brazil, Sonah Lee, who told us a bit about the vision that LG has in the Brazilian market, and the expectations of this and other future releases.

The main characteristic we need is the sound quality, whether in the treble or the bass, so we reinforce these characteristics in our equipment. […] We think that the sound is super important, but the atmosphere that this equipment is able to provide is very important so that you can immerse yourself in this new universe that we want to bring together with the experience of music.

Sonah Lee, LG Brazil Marketing Manager

Lee pointed out that Brazil is one of the five most important subsidiaries for lg in the world and that, therefore, it is super important for the brand to understand the consumption habits of Brazilians and how we adapt to everyday technologies. Knowing our taste for parties, the XBOOM Go XG9 was designed to provide a complete sound and fun experience.

The brand’s goal now is to increasingly insert LG products into the daily lives of Brazilians, providing functionality and practicality.

Currently the speaker XBOOM Go XG9 is in presale, worth R$ 2,999.00 on the brand’s official website.

Technical specifications

LG launches xboom go xg9 speaker with 24-hour battery life.  LG's most powerful speaker line arrives in Brazil.  The xboom go xg9 features 16 million color stage lighting to liven up your parties
LG XBOOM Go XG9 (Image: LG)
Mark lg
Model XBOOM Go XG9
dimensions 524 x 245 x 190mm
lester 7.1kg
Powerful 80W (woofer) + 40W (tweeter) RMS
Drums Up to 24 hours of autonomy / 5 hours of recharge
Food 19V – 50/60Hz (source)
Connections Bluetooth 5.1 Output USB-A (Power Bank) P2 (3.5mm)
Lighting Over 16 million colors and stage lighting
protection IP67

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