Linda Cardellini on being a ‘mama bear’ to ‘Dead to Me’ co-star Christina Applegate after her MS diagnosis: ‘We’ll be friends forever’


Linda Cardellini says she and Christina Applegate “had a really hard time saying goodbye” to their dead to me BFF. (Photo: Said Adyani / Netflix)

Linda Cardellini says she and Christina Applegate were “crying really big tears” as they filmed the dead to me The series finale.

The latest season of the Netflix show, which is streaming now, was not typical for seasoned actresses. Applegate’s real-life multiple sclerosis diagnosis threw a big wrench in it. The pair had previously developed a close friendship while playing best friends with secrets on the show, and only grew closer when Cardellini took on the role of lawyer on the set of Applegate.

“I think what you see on the show is that Christina is absolutely as brilliant as she’s ever been, and she’s just an amazing actress,” Cardellini told the Hollywood journalist. “She really can do it all, and I can’t wait for people to see how amazing she and the season are.

Applegate said she began experiencing minor symptoms of MS – an unpredictable disease of the central nervous system – in January 2021. Four months later, when dead to me began production in her final season, her symptoms had worsened significantly, and she did not yet have a diagnosis. Shortly after, she was told she had MS, and the show was put on hiatus for five months so she could start treatment. Showrunner Liz Feldman gave Applegate the option not to return, but she insisted. She had to use a wheelchair on the set, be physically stuck in certain scenes…

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