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Man who found Haribo’s lost £4m cheque rewarded with bags of sweets

A man who found a check in Haribo worth £4million received six packets of sweets as a reward from the confectioner.

Anouar G, 38, from Frankfurt, Germany, spotted the check on a train platform after visiting his mother. He said he saw the check floating on the ground during his trip.

After reading the check, Anouar said he was in disbelief, telling the German tabloid Image : “There was such a sum on it that I couldn’t even pronounce it.”

The total amount was €4,631,538.80 (£4,050,000) payable to Haribo from Rewe supermarket.

The company, best known for its Starmix gummies, asked Anouar to destroy the check and send a photo as proof.

After destroying the check and sending proof, as requested, Anouar was again surprised a few days later when Haribo sent him a box containing six packs of Haribo products.

“I thought it was a bit cheap,” Anouar said.

Haribo confirmed that he had been contacted about the missing check and in response to his gesture said: “Since it was a nominative check, no one but our company could have redeemed it. This was our standard package that we sent as a thank you.

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