Moldova considers sanctions for citizens fighting for Russia in Ukraine – Times of India


CHISINAU: Moldova can revoke the citizenship of its citizens who go to fight for Russia in Ukraine because they also have Russian passports, a pro-Western president. mayan sandu said Monday.
Russia launched a “partial” mobilization last week to reinforce its troops in Ukraine, and there are 200,000 people with dual Moldovan-Russian citizenship who remain in the breakaway. Moldovan The region of Tradnistria.
Sandu said there was a risk that some of them would be called upon to fight by Russia.
“To prevent this from happening, we are analyzing the possibility of implementing the procedure for revoking Moldovan citizenship for those (with Russian passports) who fight alongside the aggressor,” Sandu said.
“We are also considering the possibility of tougher sanctions for Moldovan citizens (without Russian passports) … who are in the ranks of the attacker’s armed forces,” he said.
She said Moldova was in consultation with Moscow to stop its citizens’ business.
Russia has had peacekeeping forces stationed in Transdynastry since the early 1990s, when pro-Russian separatists wrested most of the region from Moldovan control in armed conflict.

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