More than 350,000 cats in Britain have been infected with COVID-19


More than 350,000 cats in Britain have caught coronavirus during the pandemic.

Felines have already been shown to have caught COVID-19, but the true extent of domestic infection in the UK has now been revealed.

Virologists and vets from the University of Glasgow analyzed swabs from more than 2,000 moggies who were taken to vets between April 2020 and February 2022 for routine checks.

The samples came from across the UK and scientists say they are ‘broadly representative of the domestic cat population’ – with 3.2% of the country’s felines contracting the virus.

Study author Grace Tyson, a PhD student, told The Daily Telegraph newspaper: “We have looked at over 2,000 samples, and we are confident in saying that over 3% of the UK cat population was exposed to Covid and mounted an incapacitating response, and that increased.

She added that this was likely an underestimate, as the method the scientists used only tested for a specific form of antibody.

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