Netflix wants to assemble a team to create a triple-A game for PC


Netflix hasn’t stopped betting on the gaming segment since last year it launched its first titles to subscribers via the Android platform, for which it launched new titles and bought game development studios.

But it can be seen that mobile devices now seem inadequate to them and are fueling interest in having their gaming platform in the cloud now too They are quite ambitious about taking the leap to other platforms, as can be seen from the job offer that was published on their Netflix jobs platform.

In the published offer it is pointed out that they are in the Looking for a Game Director to lead the creative development of a new AAA game for PC. A game rated AAA or Triple A is a game Developed and distributed by an important company, it is a high quality game, backed by an important advertising campaign and a large budget throughout the creative process.

With this, we can already see more clearly Netflix’s intention to make further progress in the games segment the beginning of what is expected to be the first generation of original games developed in-house.

The person who will ultimately fill the position will provide:

the vision and direction of the game from concept phase through production, release and live operations. The right candidate will bring industry-leading craftsmanship and attention to detail to realize the vision of a high-quality, emotionally resonant, iconic, and heart-wrenching game.


Our main goal is to make a great game that players will want to keep coming back to: they can create, submit and run a game without competitive design limitations due to monetization.

From Netflix, they hope to also have a small team of professionals who are “inclined to act and learn, which accompanies bold experimentation at a rapid pace” to carry out the development of the game using the Unreal Engine game engine, but the title itself could do it be worthy of later becoming a television program.

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