Netflix with ads might leave you without one of its best features


Netflix is ​​working on various strategies to maintain its user base. And one of them is based on offering a cheaper subscription but with ads.

However, ads aren’t the only thing that users who opt for this plan have to deal with. They might also be missing out on one of the best features Netflix has to offer for enjoying your favorite shows and movies.

This will be the subscription with Netflix advertising

As mentioned by Bloomberg, the Netflix app source code reveals new details about this commercial plan.

Not only does it confirm that users will not be able to skip ads and playback controls will be locked during ads, but it also shows that one of the premium features will no longer be available in this type of subscription.

In addition to advertising and editing in the Netflix catalogue, the subscription with advertising will not have the “Downloads” function. In other words, you have to say goodbye to downloading the episodes of your favorite series or the movies that you have left pending to watch offline.

So forget about watching the new episode of your favorite series when you travel, wait for a shift or take a 5-minute break at work. Unless you don’t mind spending your data plan or connecting to a Wi-Fi connection.

Downloads continue on all Netflix premium plans except for the subscription plan with ads. So, the subscription with ads will be clearly different from the rest of the plans.

There is nothing to blame Netflix, since it was made clear from the start that this new proposal was not intended to replace a current plan, but to offer users a new option that complements the offers already in place.

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