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News18 Showreel: Neither Theatre Nor OTT, the Biggest Blockbuster of This Year Will Be Released on News18 India

Directors often say that making a multi-starred movie is a difficult task because you have to bring on several stars and work with them at the same time. However, you will soon be able to witness the biggest blockbuster of the year in News18 India, where not one, but many stars will grace the same platform. The only difference is that this time their stories will not be made up. On the contrary, they will be real!

Yes, News18 India is soon going to bring you the biggest conference in the world, News18 Showreel, which will feature many top stars of the movie world together on the same platform.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought many changes to the world and the entertainment industry has been hit hard. The industry has undergone several changes and the definition of entertainment has also changed. During the confinement induced by the Covid-19, cinemas were closed and filming was interrupted. It was then that we saw the rise and popularity of OTT platforms that stepped in and reached every home. Now, OTT has cemented its place in the entertainment industry. Before anyone could even notice, that window had turned into a huge door.

A planned family outing to a theater was soon replaced by digital platforms and we started enjoying the content on our cell phones and small screens. Now that the entertainment vehicle is back on track, two worlds of traditional cinema and OTT are ready before us. On News18 Showreel, you’ll see the biggest faces in entertainment, from theaters to OTT, come together.

During News18 Showreel, all aspects that have a direct bearing on the entertainment industry and the stars associated with it will be discussed. The convention will be held in Mumbai on November 27.

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