Old Perth Road in Bassendean to be reopened to traffic after pedestrian-only trial


Old Perth Road in Bassendean will reopen to traffic on Guildford Road after a trial to make it a pedestrian-only zone.

The Town of Bassendean has closed the north lane of Old Perth Road between Guildford Road and Wilson Street from September 24 to October 9.

It has been used for alfresco dining and events such as Aboriginal art and circus workshops, Bassendean markets, citizenship ceremony, community barbecue and long table dinner.

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The Bassendean councilors voted unanimously during their meeting on Tuesday to remove street furniture and reopen the road to traffic.

Officers expected street infrastructure to be removed by the end of this week.

The city received nearly 600 responses when it surveyed residents and businesses during the shutdown. Most respondents supported the idea, but most companies did not.

The north lane of Old Perth Road was closed for a test drive.
Camera iconThe north lane of Old Perth Road was closed for a test drive. Credit: City of Bassendean Facebook

Their concerns included that there was no continued use of the space, there was not enough shade, and customers had difficulty parking.

“Parking between the pub overflow, train commuters parking on Parker Street all day and people trying to get into the local business car park…it’s an absolute struggle for locals who can’t not even park in front of their house,” one person said. said.

Another woman told the city that two businesses lost her patronage one day when she couldn’t find parking.

One respondent said the trial period was ‘one-sided’ as it was held the same week the Bassendean Hotel reopened and during school holidays and the area was ‘desolate’ when there was no no activities.

Residents in favor of the closure said it provided excellent event space.

“Giving part of the road as public space to help activate the main street, this lane not really being used as it is, if it attracts more people it can only be a good thing” , said a resident.

A city report said part of Old Perth Road carried relatively little traffic, registering on average during the day around a single vehicle every three minutes.

“There’s hardly any car access from Guildford Road anyway, (coming from Perth),” one said. “Coming from Midland you can easily access Old Perth Road via other roads so two lanes are not necessary.”

However, there were calls for the area to be beautified with better colors, signage and furniture.

One person said Guildford Road needed signage to direct people to the area.

“If Old Perth Road becomes pedestrianized in the future, the end nearest the Guildford Road traffic lights should be attractive,” they said.

“Those arrested at these fires are a captive audience. During (the trial), he shouted ‘No! Don’t come here! It’s blocked ! Save the F!’.

“At best, it looked like the trader’s entry.”

The city report says redesigning the road and new signage for a permanent closure is expected to cost at least $123,000, but that would rise to $1.48 million if the city installs better infrastructure and furnishings.

Most of the infrastructure needed to close the road was already in place and removing it would cost around $14,000.

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