On Cdiscount, this excellent electric bike is on sale at 50% for Black Friday


Cdiscount lowers the price of the Vélobecane electric bicycle, a complete urban model that is becoming increasingly accessible. Please note limited stock.

Cdiscount is promoting a lot of offers as part of Black Friday, it has been promoting its best offers for a few hours now. Now is the time to find real nuggets at the online retailer, whether it’s anticipating the holiday season or saving money. Anyway, you’re in business. Among the most aggressive deals we find this promotion on the Vélobecane electric bike.

With the offer of Cdiscount, the Vélobecane electric bicycle currently costs 599 euros instead of 1199 euros. Hard to do better for such a complete model, plus no other online retailer offers a more competitive price. Act as soon as possible if you are interested, stocks remain very limited.

To access the promotion on the Vélobecane electric bike, it is here:

I take advantage of the offer

The Vélobecane electric bicycle has a two-year manufacturer’s warranty when you purchase this model from Cdiscount. On the other hand, the online merchant delivers to you quickly and gives you a long time to take advantage of a second chance if necessary. If you want to return the order for a full refund, you have an extended period until January 8, 2020 especially for Black Friday.

What are the characteristics of the Vélobecane electric bike?

The Vélobecane electric bike is a model intended for urban use. It is the perfect compromise between the electric scooter and public transport. Whether you want to travel to work or on foot, this means of transport will take you where you want with a maximum speed of 25 km/h. On the other hand, it has a range of 75 km thanks to its (removable) 15Ah Lithium-ION battery.

On the other hand, the Vélobecane electric bike does not skimp on safety thanks to its front and rear disc brake system for progressive braking whether the ground is wet or not. It is equipped with five levels of electric assist with a special Hill Start Aid mode.

The brushless motors of the Vélobecane electric bicycle do not cause any mechanical friction and offer an almost unlimited service life, but also without any special maintenance on your part. This complete and balanced version gives you freedom in all your outings in the city, take advantage of this low price at Cdiscount to pass the course.

To discover the offer on the Vélobecane electric bike, it is here:

I take advantage of the offer

Exceptional state aid up to €400

To encourage its use, the government has increased the ecological premium and the conversion premium for the purchase of a bicycle since 15 August. With an extension until at least December 31, 2022, it will be possible to increase the already existing aid ceilings, so that rural households can also benefit from aid, which is often reserved for residents of metropolitan areas.

  • An opening of the Bonus Vélo to the entire territory, so that the help of a local authority is no longer necessary.
  • A revaluation of the Bicycle bonus. If the latter should not exceed 200 euros, it is now capped at 300 euros, or even 400 euros for households belonging to the first and second decile, as well as for persons with disabilities.
  • A larger choice of products, especially more specific products such as cargo bikes or folding bikes. The latter is also accompanied by a bonus of € 1,000, in case it does not exceed 40% of the purchase value. A bicycle under € 2,500 should therefore be eligible.

Combinable devices

The big cities are the first to encourage their citizens to opt for an electric bicycle. In Paris, three systems overlap:

Several other cities offer assistance with the purchase of a UAE:

In addition, many medium-sized cities and agglomerations support the purchase of an electric bicycle (Orléans, La Rochelle, Roanne, Blois, Épinal, Épernay, Nevers, Vannes, Arcachon, etc.).

What you need to know about our good plans

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